Caitlyn Jenner is the Antichrist… Probably

soooo brave.

3 responses to “Caitlyn Jenner is the Antichrist… Probably

  1. Ha ha ha. You’ve outdone yourself this time Terri Strange!

  2. Terri, you have nailed my reaction. I am in a nightmare; I am looking at a sinister portrait of a “woman”; horrendous scary music plays in my head. It is not a picture of a woman; it is Something Unreal, and the Forces tell me I must pretend it is Real. Reality swirls about; I no longer understand anything; what is this suppressed rage and insult I feel, as if I were being mocked? But no, the face calls, placed rather crudely upon the body shot….I must conform….



    A Wolfie

  3. I don’t know about the anti-Christ, but men certainly are the anti-thesis to life and all that is natural. Men are the most dangerous and deadly creature in the history of this planet and the greatest threat there is to women and children – and all life for that matter. FFS, didn’t any of these ppl read Little Red Riding as a child and get the moral of the story? How stupid is it to not only allow, but welcome the wolf into the hen house?

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