Shit Male Feminists Say


5 responses to “Shit Male Feminists Say

  1. I love your blog. I hope to learn a lot here. Let me give a short story that tells a bit about me. I’ve always had a distaste for boys. As I grew older, I had the same distaste for men. I consider boys and men to be nothing of moral significance. Anyway, when I was four or five years old in kindergarten, a boy invited me to his party. There were five girls and five boys. He had a tarp with a hose running down it set up and said that if the boys or girls went down it three times the fastest and first they would win; boys vs girls. Long before the game started began a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” I wasn’t nearly as naive as I’d seemed. Ultimately, all five 4 and 5 year old boys and all five girls ended up sliding down the tarp naked, but I put a thin log under it. 😉 This was just a small bump to the girls, but to every one of the boys it was devastating. They were all bawling, holding their testes and couldn’t stand up for at least fifteen minutes. When one could finally speak, he said, “Why’d you do that?” I said, “Because you’re a boy. I knew that it would hurt you and we’d win.” Anyway, that was my way of handling the early-onset male sexualization of the female. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

  2. Terry, when are you hitting the road with these routines? I would give my left ovary to be able to go see a radfem comedian in person!
    Also, my fave line is: “The SCUM Manifesto is satire.” LOL.

  3. Oh, geez – Terri, not Terry. Sorry!!

  4. Funny, but sad and true.

    I liked “I’m pro-abortion; I’ve probably caused 10 abortions.” Aren’t they all.

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