Its a plastic passion

The world humans have constructed for ourselves is mainly artificial.  Even this method of communication, writing, writing black ants onto an automated, perfected MANually constructed instrument such as my beloved laptop is artificial.  With that in mind, given that I am a woman with only so many options as to having a platform to express my truth through, lets together forget that and delve into the topic of authenticity.

Pornography is horror.  It is pure, anadulterated horror but it is held up to be culturally, the height of human expression and liberated, authentic female sexuality.  This is a reversal because as we know it is the job of a prostituted woman to fake lust.  It is the job of the consumer of prostituted women to vampirically drain the prostituted woman of her spirit until she is broken into not being able to feel pure lust again.  The process of recovery for prostituted women is that of recovering an ability to really feel and be present in the moments that make life beautiful.  This is what prostitution and specifically, its branch known as “pornography” does to women.  

It is interesting that so many modern humans have developed such addictions to that which is inauthentic.  The refined foods we eat which make us sick, the hours spent in front of screens, the effort spent always trying to attain that which isn’t instead of feeling alive in the moment.  I’m thinking about this as I’m going through the process of detoxing my body.  I have been addicted to frankenfood for years.  As a woman who grew up in poverty who was raised by a parent who used frankenfood as a drug to cope with their own problems I was kind of set up for the addiction from day one.  When my joints gave out a couple years ago and I began the process of taking chemo drugs, steroids and all manner of harmful fucking shit I was yet again put back into reality where I could ignore my body no longer.

So I’ve started the process of no longer putting refined foods into my body, eating a mainly plant based diet, juicing, and just trying to pay attention to what is happening in each moment that ticks.  At first the addiction seems like the most daunting task on earth.  Its everywhere, how do we escape?  What if I fuck up and eat something that isn’t 100% pure?  What if I absolutely HATE eating what is good for me?  

There is a process the body goes through.  There’s pain, there’s elimination, there’s systems going haywire.  All of this is the body reacting to a change in whats been happening for so long.  But over time I’ve began feeling ill if I don’t have my juice.  If I am not eating enough veggies.  I’ve come to find wheat products to be kind of…passe.  I can now take them or leave them.  This is me going through the process of replacing that which is plastic for that which is real.  I can’t help but make the parallel to the other plastic passions that drive people in the modern era.

Men are easily seduced and taken in by the fake lust that they feel when they consume pornography.  As this lust is fake though, over time their senses became numbed by it.  They can no longer even actually sustain erections when the time comes to be authentically sexual with another person so haywire their system has become.  I guess because I’m going through the process myself regarding frankenfood I can finally understand even more just how fucked up and addicted to necrophilic plastic lust the men who use pornography are.  This isn’t me excusing them by any means, we all make choices and are ultimately responsible for ourselves and how our choices impact others but I guess I can say now that I understand just how easy it is for them to be so sick and not even be aware of it.  What a gift it is to really see the world as it is.


5 responses to “Its a plastic passion

  1. I’d say at least 80% of the American male population is addicted to both porn and frankenfood. Most don’t really seem to see anything wrong with either one. It seems that all they care about is whether something feels and/or tastes good, regardless of how destructive these sources of pleasure may be to themselves & others.They lack critical thinking skills. Their primitive, child-like brains latch onto what is immediately apparent, without questioning what lies beneath. That, and they simply don’t give a shit. There is no discipline, no moral compass, nothing. All that matters is feeding their abnormal appetites… no matter the cost to themselves, women, or society at large.

  2. I sometimes wonder if addiction is, to some extent, the wrong paradigm. The problem isn’t so much “addiction” to frankenfood or porn, is it, as much as the problem is that in our culture basic human needs and the basic goods of human community are inextricably intertwined with systems of domination, authority, and violence. Like, I don’t actually think that if most people had other options, they would still continue to eat Frankenfood the vast majority of the time. I also don’t think that if human sociality or sexuality entails the domination and hatred of women by men, but in our culture, human sociality and human sexuality are inextricably linked with misogyny and patriarchy. On this level, for me, the addiction metaphor doesn’t work that well.

    On the other hand, on some levels it does totally fit men because men are for the most part childlike (entitled, lacking in empathy/thought for others, perspective or self-control) in attiudes towards their own needs. That is, they see their own needs being met as the #1 most important thing, and don’t really give a fuck how that happens, as long as it happens dependably and it “feels good.” Just as with addicts, ultimately they always put “feeling good” and having their needs met– albeit in a twisted way– first before ANYTHING else.

    Men seem to love “critically thinking” or just analyzing things in general, but only when the things they analyze are basically guaranteed to never indict men and their own roles in it. Men are never implicated and, if they are, men don’t like that subject or area, and avoid it like the plague.

  3. Dear terri, as a budding radical feminist, i want to thank you for your tumblr, youtube, and internet presence generally- it is great to come across your work online. In the spirit of sharing back- may i recommend the nutritional and healing advice of the herbalist susun weed? She comes from an incredible women and goddess centered healing modality which celebrates the body and its connection to the living world. I will say that i am sometimes uncomfortable with how communities affiliated with herbalism can deify motherhood, but aside from that, i think susun’s work is empowering, intelligently scientific and a refreshingly positive frame through whch to view health healing self care and enjoyment of our amazing female bodies. Peace 🙂

  4. Here is a page with her nutition advice, feel free to keep to yourself, or you can publish as you see fit!

    • From the article:

      When food choices are limited, women eat whatever is available. As long as adequate carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals are consumed and clean water is available, health is easily maintained.(1) Restricted diets (vegan, vegetarian, impoverished) generally fail to provide adequately for women, and the addition of milk products, eggs, or meat to these diets optimizes health.

      This is absolute bunk. The male-dominated low-carb/paleo community is spreading it’s lies faster than summer heat rash. The truth is, the consumption of animal products are not only inhumane & misogynistic (female animal suffering), but they are VERY BAD for our bodies. The lies & scientific cherry-picking of guys like Gary Taubes have been debunked numerous times, yet people continue to blindly listen to the crap he pulls out of his ass.

      FACT: Humans were not designed to drink the lactational fluids of cows. The only milk we are supposed to be drinking is from our HUMAN mothers, when we are infants. People have been so brainwashed by the dairy industry, they can no longer use common sense to see how unnatural it is to consume a cow’s breast milk, that was designed for her calves.

      FACT: Animal flesh is unhealthy (no matter how “humanely” the animal was murdered), and is one of the primary causes (along with heavily processed & refined foods) of heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc.

      But, as Dr. McDougall would say, people love to hear good news about their bad habits. And that is why the low-carb cult has been so popular.

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