Where Grown Man Meets Little Girl

Something that has consistently disturbed me since becoming familiar with the modern transgender phenomenon is how infantile most of the communication and dialogue around it is.  Oftentimes the propaganda put out looks like creepy little kids drawings or cartoons and they have references to genitalia, etc.

This is also a part of autogynephilic trans fetishism.  I found this website on feminization whereby grown men, often in middle age or older are put through humiliating ritualized feminization which is something actual little girls go through.  These men find erotic pleasure in imagining themselves as little girls going through sexual abuse and forced wearing of demeaning princess clothing.  What is a horrific experience of brutal dehumanization for women is a sexual kink for these men.

This phenomenon is also apparent with late transitioning heterosexual men.  They often will end dressing in the same clothes designed for teen girls.  Another thing that makes them stand out even more in a crowd.
This has often been justified by transgenderists as these men going through a second puberty as they get high on the hormones they’re putting into their bodies and going through the rush of strange feelings that come with said hormones.  However its more than that.  These men have an erotic attachment to the objectification of women and get off on the idea of themselves being the objects of the male gaze.


“girls” can have penises too! Unfortunately the person who created this is an ADULT.


I’ve known all this for awhile but as time progresses

you start to see connections more and more closely, deeply.  The educational comics on transgenderism put out by younger M2Ts have the same creepy, girlhood appropriative vibe.

Another example that I came across recently is “Riley – the adult baby“.  Riley is a transgender male who spends the majority of his life pretending to be a female infant.  None of his imaginary play has anything to do with what its like to be an actual infant girl.  Its a weird creepy male projection of what he thinks female babies are like.  Notice in the video his coy flirtatious shit.  Men LOVE to pretend that is some kind of innate female characteristic and not a result of brutal socialization into a secondary sex role.


Even the educational images like this have a disturbing childlike naivete to them.  They’re talking about heterosexual fucking causing pregnancy.  Color me SURPRISED!

The people creating these and disseminating them are for the most part adults.  There of course are some teenagers on tumblr sharing them but they aren’t coming from teenaged minds.

Now I wanna ask why its considered inappropriate and wrong for adult women to be creeped out by this and to not want to be around it?  Apart from the consistent sexism of associating womanhood with perpetual childhood, the references to little girls with penises is just nauseating and disturbing on a gut instinctual level.  It’s also becoming our reality as more and more children are being put through transition.  It reeks of sexual grooming and mental illness more than a political statement.



17 responses to “Where Grown Man Meets Little Girl

  1. That first drawing is fucking creepy as all get out. It makes me feel sick.

  2. Yeah, bad dreams sure are made of this..thank you AF for going once again where no one wants to go…but how can I unsee what I just saw ? more, I visited the website you mention, Sissify: “We at Sissify.Com strive to attain the highest knowledge and practical use of the feminization process. In fact, two Members of our Staff are in actuality Post Operative Transsexuals.”
    What a surprise. So much misogyny and male projection behind this stuff, ew. “Practical use”, ew. To help me deal mentally with this shit I would like to think that it’s just a marginal group of trans that are in this weirdo trip, alas I just found a page on this site that go through the usual “serious stuff” about transitioning : http://www.sissify.com/real-girl/
    ok, I get it now. No more « but it is wrong to judge other people ». Trans are nutcases. Especially when I read comments like this one : “My upbringing turn me into macho man, but my compassion and love for the tenderness associated with being female draws the feminine side of me to the surface.” and more : “This sissy has much to learn and reread and internalize. ” « A sissy must take herself out of the center of the universe and focus on others. » And « one can become “the ultimate feminine image/icon” in ones own mental artistry ».  eww. What a gender mindfuck. So hurtful for women who had to endure this process without being given the choice, and struggle to remember who they are. It’s like another slap in the face. And of course in the mind of these men, the sooner a girl learn it, the best it serves her “practical utility”.
    At the end of the day, women just exist to have a practical use . I’ll understand now what a trans-woman means if he/she tells me that I’m “ignorant”, knowing what he considers a woman’s “highest knowledge”. (compassionate, loving, tender, able to “take it” and suck dicks, of course)(very important). The more I see this stuff, the more I respect gay men, at least they don’t pretend they’re women, and all the other nonsenses, just because it happens that they prefer dicks.

    • Yes. They freak the fuck out at women who aren’t 100% accommodating to their delusions because in their misogynistic minds women are always 100% accommodating and if we aren’t that, well, we just aren’t real women. In fact they are even BETTER women than us. Misogynistic projection after misogynistic projection…

  3. “Now I wanna ask why its considered inappropriate and wrong for adult women to be creeped out by this and to not want to be around it? Apart from the consistent sexism of associating womanhood with perpetual childhood, the references to little girls with penises is just nauseating and disturbing on a gut instinctual level. It’s also becoming our reality as more and more children are being put through transition. It reeks of sexual grooming and mental illness more than a political statement.”

    Absolutely on every level. We’re chastised actually for listening to our own intuition, for NOT being so dissociated (traumatized via grooming) that we do not feel our alarm bells go off. We know that our gut is there to save us when we cannot wrap our logical minds all the way around something right away. Men have an extensive history of overwhelming women by spouting off such psychotic rambles that our heads spin, so our guts are what we have left in such a state, unless they can detach us from that too. This is what we are punished for: knowing who we are and what we feel. It’s pretty obvious what is going on when we realize what we are being denied, and then the reversal becomes apparent. We’re accused to denying their right to exist. Au contraire! When that gut instinct sends the warnings off, and we are threatened with violence for heeding it, this is a sign that we’re dealing with psychopathic males (and patriarchy at large).

  4. And the #1 search term for my blog is “forced to wear my wife’s panties”. Followed shortly by “forced to wear girls panties”. Keep in mind that “forced” plays the primary role in BSDM sex: There is a 30% correlation in the psychological diagnoses for BSDM Fetish primary with Transvestism/Autogynephelia/Gender Dysphoria secondary. There is an additional 30% correlation for Tranvestism/Autogynephial/Gender Dysphoria primary with BSDM Fetish secondary. This is significant. And this is not the same 33 of 200 people in a two different groups. It’s 66 of 100 people in one group. It’s all about sex. I’m re-blogging this… Let me know if you want it pulled.

  5. Just because a couple can reproduce doesn’t mean that they should.

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  7. That sissify website is so nauseating. This enrages and also breaks my heart. ONWARD, FEMINISTS!!!

  8. That link set off my antivirus. It might be a false positive, but avast blocked it when I clicked it, and said it contained a virus. I’m not sure, but anyone that clicked it might want to run a scan to be on the safe side. (probably adware, hopefully nothing horrible) It’s probably best for my sanity that I didn’t look though. Figured I should mention it. Avast has only ever blocked 1 link before this, so I’m leaning toward not trusting that url.

  9. Children are clearly unable to create influential culture or subculture in the adult sociological meaning. There’s only one way to achieve it, through development and adulthood. Forcing anything on children is sick. Then we have adults who are clearly able to create influential culture or subculture. But. There’s one problem with male macho/sissy individuals and I’m not talking about their wish to be forced into something (which I consider sick, however it’s not that important right now). It’s how they imagine who woman (=sissy)is forcing (=macho) this image onto culture. Of course their imagination has not much to do with who woman really is, it’s their individual feeling most often coming from sexual abuse when they were used as objects. His macho part tells him ‘use her’, his sissy part tells him ‘turn to her’. Most people, not only women, men too, when confused individual turns to them, are used. This is straightforward victimization of the person who wants to help but is ruthlessly and mercilessly used. This is where feeling of not being comfortable around some people comes from.

    Then, again, we have culture where all individuals participate. Macho/sissy wants to play his game, thinks he has every right to express himself and forces things on others out of habit. Including his imaginary image of what woman is. ‘Girls can have penises too’ to me means two things. 1.They have no penises, they have space(s) for penises inside their bodies, which is common. 2. They have both, vagina and penis, which is not that common.

    If a woman doesn’t match stereotype of a woman, she must have imaginary penis. Stereotype and imaginary penis exist in man’s imagination, real to them allright, complete absurd to us. Woman who has this imaginary penis attached is perceived as a rival, enemy, then comes the neverending fight. They are compelled to fight with women and they don’t even know why. I don’t know their reactions to lesbians playing with strap-on but doesn’t it ‘confirm’ in their eyes that a lesbian is not a woman, but a man with penis attached? Perhaps that’s why some men are compelled to fight with lesbians. One system in their brains says ‘she’s a woman’, another ‘she has dick, she’s a man, fight her’.

  10. What else comes to mind when we’re at it. Hetero men may place themselves in the position of going down on a strap-on. Bam, pure hatred. Alternatively or even at the same time they may consider women ‘underdeveloped men’ because clitoris is like ‘underdeveloped penis’. Licking pussy? Bam, pure hatred.

    Gay men going down on men? Normal. They are not attracted to hetero women. What about going down on female with strap-on? Or imagined penis attached to her? Bam, pure hatred. Her sexual orientation doesn’t matter.

    What if gay male finds himself strangely attracted to heterosexual woman with imagined penis attached? Max. confusion. What to do? Fuck her, suck her or impregnate her? Endless possibilities playing in his mind, imagination goes wild. Obvious role would solve his issues, she must give birth, only then his imagination could be put to rest, only then he would be sure of his homosexual identity. Now what? She won’t even fuck me! She can’t confirm I’m bisexual, she also can’t disconfirm I’m not. Best he can do is to ‘prove’ himself she’s a prostitute, someone not even slightly by him desired. That’s how madonna-prostitute dichotomy can be used. When madonna is out of reach, prostitute must be the answer. In fact this label solves problem of his embarrassing desire, but why would anyone who is not a prostitute go with such a label? Plain sick, isn’t it?

  11. What is this bizarre obsession men have with women’s/girl’s panties?

    My mother used to do phone sex work, and one of the callers was some creepy dude from Scotland, who said he was sniffing his mother’s dirty underwear, which he had dug out of the laundry hamper. LMFAO Men are quite the popcorn-worthy freakshows, aren’t they?

  12. I saw these circulating around back when I was still on tumblr a while ago but I didn’t say anything about them, even though I found them a little off-putting. I also didn’t think that this idea of homosexual (or “queer”) reproduction made any sense. If you can reproduce with your significant other, it means that you’re a heterosexual couple. But I didn’t say anything at the time, because pointing out biological realities is twanzphobic.

    I really hope no one thinks that they can just “identify” their way out of getting pregnant/getting someone pregnant, but there are probably people like that. You can’t identify your way out of reality!

    Also, if you’re going to reproduce, I don’t really think everyone should buy into the idea that you are really the opposite sex.

    This post really explains exactly what is so damn creepy about this child-like drawings. Even when I was deep in libfem garbage I found them off-putting and now I know that it’s not because they are made by confused and misinformed teenagers. They are made by creepy grown men with a pedophilic boner for childhood, especially what they think girlhood is.

  13. Ugh, creepy. I’ve seen drawings like that on the internet before. Super, super creepy. And yes, it is disturbing that they look like kid’s drawings but have porny captions. I think that was deliberate. It is pretty bad that some teenagers circulate this stuff around, but I’ve seen grown adults do it too (they usually fall under the het liberal “feminist” trans ally group).

    Those “we’re a queer couple and we breed!” ones would be funny if people didn’t believe it. It really goes to show that in post-modern land, the word “queer” means nothing and everything. It used to just be a slur for homosexuals that some people reclaimed, particularly gay men. If you can reproduce with your significant other, it means you’re a heterosexual couple. Quit pretending to be lesbians or gays!

    It is all about sex, kink, and porn. That’s why one favorite insult those men have is, “I’m a better woman than you!” Women aren’t “real” to them. What they think women are is a pornsick fantasy. I think any woman and even some men who haven’t been brainwashed into the trans cult line would instinctively be creeped out by the “girl with a penis” drawings.

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