“It’s Just Socialization….” Revisited

Since the last time I brought up the topic of men raping animals as proof that male sexual violence is not a result of socialization I’ve come across more info about the phenomenon of animal brothels.  There’s another petition that has been more widely circulated regarding the existence of brothels in Denmark where men can pay to rape dogs.  On Facebook there were even pictures included of animals that had died from being exposed to constant rape.  Another one of those grim dark images I’ll never be able to wash clean from my mind.  That I’ll carry in my soul as long as I live.

So like every time I’ve read about child pornography or the rape of infants, so too I am burdened with carrying this knowledge of what men do to the world around them.  

Now I had some dissent from my previous post on this subject and let me be clear about one thing;  I don’t think every man rapes animals or infants or children.  Some may even find it kind of disturbing.  But like with “regular” rape we have to look at this phenomenon through the eyes of protection and self preservation.

All men are potential rapists.  This is a widely accepted feminist theory.  We know that it is impossible to distinguish between the “nice cuddly guys” out there and the sadistic rapists.  Because of this women have to be on guard 24/7.  Every time I’m out in public I am on guard.  Every man is noted because every man is a potential threat to me as a woman.  We also know that women are more likely to experience rape from a man that they know.  Hey men are lazy, don’t forget that bit of essentialism.  So therefore logically we can deduce that women must be suspect of all men.  Not all women possess the power to read men’s minds so we cannot know for certain what thoughts men hold.  Even ones we have a laugh with and have done mutually supportive things with.  Women can’t distinguish between the man who rapes animals and infants and children vs the men who do not.  Again the onus is put on women to be able to tell the difference.  Let me tell you right now.  There is no test you can take for this stuff.  As one woman recently discovered her own boyfriend not only raped her dog but filmed it.  Of course she was shocked.  Its not as if this is something men brag about like I’ve said before and they don’t have special badges they wear so that we can decide not to talk to those men because they might stick their dicks in our pets.

So I throw this vein of thought into the same category as Schrödinger’s Rapist.  As it is impossible for women to tell the difference between a man who is kind and loving towards women, who would never disrespect a woman’s “no” and would certainly never force himself upon her so too it is impossible for women to tell the difference between a man who is kind, loving and protective towards animals and a man who in his private time pays to go into a brothel and choose out which sort of dog he fancies sticking his dick into or while his girlfriend is away, sticks his dick into her dog.  We have to assume that therefore that because all are a threat we need to take the proper precautions to protect our children and pets.

All the “nice men” in the world does not negate the fact that there are very un-nice men that we have to contend with.  That we are vulnerable to.  

As adult human beings, women have choices to make that effect those in our care, those who we have power over, like children and animals.  It’s utterly our responsibility to protect and ensure their safety because this not something men can be trusted to ensure.

Its time women took back whats been stolen from us.  Namely our power to protect and defend those we love.


11 responses to ““It’s Just Socialization….” Revisited

  1. Men think all rape is hilarious. The “nice guys” just get off on saying that they think rape is bad because most men jeopardizes their chances of being able to rape.
    I don’t think men find rape necessarily disturbing, some might lie to themselves and others and say they think it is wrong to do it to things other than women, but those men usually just like operating off of a false sense of morality and the hero facade to fool and maintain power over women. I’ve known men who watch dog on female porn, but are very kind to their pet dogs, and have close relationships with their mothers. It’s kind of a paradox. Pretending to think what they do is wrong to maintain power and hide their intentions. Make some abuse acceptable, by making other abuses unacceptable. Like trying to distinguish PIV from Rape, when there is obviously none. One just happens when a woman is psychologically manipulated and tricked into allowing it -wait isn’t that both? Men are all the same, operating under the same pattern of domination and control.

    Here is something, there is just NO EVIDENCE that men aren’t naturally sadistic, rapists, and violent. Across the animal kingdom there is no patriarchy, but the men are constantly raping and killing females and babies, look at male sea otters, even of other species. Men will stick their dicks in anything. Men just like to keep this hierarchy where women have to compete for their dicks, they like to feel like they have options, women are commodities to them, it makes them feel better, superhuman. They know they are wrong, but just don’t care.

    Where in history have they proven to not be like this? To not behave in the same violent patterns? I’d like to know. What about all the radical lesbian feminists who’ve had and raised sons who turned out to act like typical sexist men? What men today aren’t like this? Where?

    I think deep down inside all women know this and we can’t keep projecting positive ideas about men on to men because men will just use these ideas to further take advantage of us. It also distances from truly loving and protecting women.

  2. I really agree with skulldrix. I’d like to link to you in my article. The comments from men for these news stories is as much proof as anything. They all just joke about it!

    I’ll never forget the photo of the poor female dog with her excoriated diseased vulva after a man raped her and gave her an STD. How can any woman say this is socialization???

    Part of what confuses women, I think, is that some men can seem concerned, kind and caring, and then something seems to just overtake them. I do believe they can control it, but don’t. But I also think women do not do this kind of Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon. Basically, you can’t trust males of any ages.

    • Yes it’s definitely a controlled behavior. Even the most sociopathic of men, take Ted Bundy for example was completely in control of himself. He fucking worked helping people and had all the women around him thinking he was just the most sweet and handsome man ever.

      We can’t know what they do when we’re not around, hence we should assume its no good and stay the fuck away from them.

  3. The only thing I don’t understand is how any ambiguity whatsoever could possibly remain about any of this.

  4. I guess I don’t understand the connection between increased levels of the bizarre or shocking nature of a sexual crime men do (raping animals is more shocking and bizarre than date rape, though obviously any sexual violence is to to some degree bizarre and shocking) and the idea that this somehow proves or provides evidence that it’s stemming from an innate male drive. I don’t know if I’m being dense or what. Why is it that “more extreme” somehow suggests to people “more innate”?

    • I don’t find men raping animals any “more extreme” than them raping women. Whats obvious though is that it cannot be argued that this is a result of socialization because there is no socialization which exists to encourage the behavior of sticking one’s dick into an animal.

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  6. Right.

    Now I fully understand why some people get honoris causa. By some people I mean, let’s give her operational pseudonym, E_Man_You_Elle. Heavy smut (I didn’t read) included.

    Now, bitchface (I know he’s been reading) let me assume the position and it won’t be riding your face.

    I was barely a teenager at the time and due to some one-off arrangements I wasn’t sleeping in my room. Can’t remember anything about circumstances. My room was occupied by one of my parents and then apparently the other joined the first one. I got up and went to my room. Greeting was ‘if you enter parent’s room, knock’. They were covered. I didn’t understand a thing from the situation and especially not the tone of mother’s greeting.

    How so? Knock at the door. Why would I knock at my room’s door? Should I also knock while leaving the room? Oh, please, come in. Oh, please, come out. What when nobody is there to answer? Should I stay in ‘my’ room forever?

    Cheers to ‘my’ ‘daughter’, she must be around my age or even older. So much for being respectful.

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