Male Violence Effects Us All

There’s been a lot of interesting news on twitter today.  Its started my wheels spinning.  Ian Watkins (lostprophets) has pleaded guilty to 11 counts of attempted rape of an infant girl.  Nigella Lawson’s attacker Charles Saatchi has been given license in the British media to slander her character despite the fact that he was photographically documented brutally assaulting her.  Oh and of course Karen Ingala Smith’s project “Counting Dead Women” has been taking off and been at the forefront of my mind.

Whats become even more clear to me is if a woman like Nigella Lawson, who is famous and successful, consistently in the public eye and many women in similar positions are subject to not only the threat of male violence, but to male violence itself, where does that leave women like you and me?  We become numbers added to body counts that only exist because some crazy feminist out there thinks our lives matter enough to count.  

Its also amazing that we still have people under the impression that being a child rapist is a “sexuality” and that we should all feel sympathy for men who brutalize children.  Erasing yet again the damage inflicted upon those who are raped in childhood.

Why do we hesitate to see male violence and the male sex caste for what they are?  Why do we not see that there is a war being waged against the female sex that has been going steady for thousands of years and that we are losing, badly?  Why do we not see that all women, no matter what they achieve are always under the threat of some man getting to define them (as victim) forever?  We desperately need to build communities that function away from men.  Refuges for our refugees.  We need to stop acting as if all of this is just a misunderstanding and get serious about putting an end to male violence, for good.


7 responses to “Male Violence Effects Us All

  1. The reason so many women collude with the male sexual predators and their male apologists is because these women are denying the reality of women’s lived experiences. It is very dangerous for any individual woman to speak out against pandemic male violence against women and girls because the men will swiftly retaliate and punish the woman.

    Yes I know many women openly collude with men because these women foolishly believe by protecting men the men in question will magically give these women a few worthless cookies. It won’t happen women.

    Denial, denial and yet more denial is always the last resort of men and their male supremacist system because it is essential mens’ male supremacist system must not be eliminated and remember whatever lies men say it is always seen as ‘mens’ truths because men never lie do they?’

    Yes the poor pets are suffering from a disease syndrome because these male sexual predators can’t help themselves. Well if that is the case then answer is to isolate all men and put them on a island which is only populated by males. A stupid idea I know but so is the myth that male sexual predators are suffering from a disease syndrome. Men must never ever be held accountable for their choice and their decision to enact pseudo male sex right to females.

  2. It is always more comfortable for the oppressed to placate the oppressor.

  3. “Denial, denial and yet more denial … ”

    This is it. Denial is the keystone giving the whole brutal system its enduring strength. Why does the denial persist?

    Why do I have to comb through Amazon Books in search of classic radical feminist texts because my public library, and many academic libraries as well, no longer ensure their availability? The work, the truth-telling is constantly being forgotten. Our revolutionary literature is buried in dusty corners. It’s no accident.

    It’s no accident that each new generation of girls has to start practically from scratch. It’s no accident that many women don’t come into consciousness until they are in middle age–if they ever get there at all.

    It’s no accident that whether we scream it from the roof-tops, or calmly explain male violence with graphs and statistics and lived personal experience, that “crazy feminist” will be applied. Most women are still terrified of being anything other than “feminine.” Most of us are as afraid of the crazy-ugly-dyke-man-hating-feminist label as we are of rape, murder, battery, poverty, social isolation. That’s remarkable isn’t it? The ubiquitous: “I’m no feminist, but … ” The fear is pervasive and profound; it still defines the female condition. The denial keeps the fear intact.

    As long as male sickness, violence and sadism is located in individual men, it will continue to thrive unabated. You know how men are responding to the news of Ian Watkins raping babies? They want him to be brutally raped. Raped to death. For men, rape = justice. Justice is good, therefore rape is good. Babies are off-limits, in theory. But it’s open season on women, girls, boys, and prisoners of either sex. And, they would vehemently deny that. But, we know it’s true. Crazy feminists–crazy because we see it and know it.

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  6. Looking forward to you writing on your weekend in Van. xxx

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