Domestication : Husbandry

* In this piece I use the term “fucking” to refer to heterosexual vaginal intercourse where a penis is put into a vagina.

I will assume that most reading this have an understanding of basic leftism.  In my time as a young idealistic communist I learned that there was this magical time where class didn’t exist and that women weren’t oppressed or something.  They generally point to the the formation of private property as the turning point by which class society developed.  I’m not negating this basic premise with this post, I will however speak specifically about whats left out of this basic understanding: How and WHY did these fuckers (men) enslave women for their own benefit?

Most people who follow this basic theory believe that men were in control of the cattle that became the first example of human property.  (Now this would mean there was a sexual division of labor which they think somehow existed without the oppression of women because reasons.)

Anyhow men were in control of the cattle.  How did they come to even domesticate cattle?  A big ass wild beast?  Well they came to domesticate cattle by capturing them and controlling their breeding.  This process of controlling livestock breeding is known as “animal husbandry”.  The cattle are ripped from their natural environment, often at very young ages, put through the trauma of being forced to behave unnaturally with creatures that are very different from themselves.  The cattle are then made to go through humiliating rape scenarios whereby female cattle are forced to breed with whatever male stud these creatures choose for them.  The whole process breaks down the will to resist within a couple generations.  Its very rare to find a cow that isn’t easily put into her place as milk factory and broodmare.

This is precisely how men got the spark of inspiration to do these things to us.  That is if they hadn’t been doing them already, but we’re not going to go down that rabbit hole right now.

Men through collective rape, torture and scenarios of stealing us away from our families, cultures and backgrounds through “marriage” have been enacting husbandry on us for a long god damned time.

Growing up I often heard men talk about how female animals (usually cats or dogs) needing to “have a litter” before being spayed in order to be acceptable pets.  Because female animals that haven’t been bred are generally a lot more uncontrollable, uppity, less sweet, less likely to be appeasing to the wants and wishes of a master.  It is through the act of fucking and subsequently impregnation that men break down our will to resist their domination.  There is a reason why men rape female children.  The earlier the natural defenses of a beast are broken down, the easier she is to control.  The easier she will live out her life of servitude.

This is why we have an incest problem, this is why we have a constant rape of female children, this is why we have dreams of weddings and babies shoved down our throats since before we leave the not-so-safety of our mother’s wombs.  Men want to husband us.

* I should add that this process doesn’t always work, every now and then you get a “crazy” beast that responds negatively to the humiliation and rape.  This female animals obviously need to be put down as their function to mankind is zero.


8 responses to “Domestication : Husbandry

  1. In the Dictionary, “husband” means “to use and employ to good purpose and best advantage,” such as “animal husbandry.” Male-supremacist religion mandates women’s husbandry using spiritual blackmail; fear of punishment and torture (hell) inflicted by various sadistic, male-supremacist gods that were created by dysfunctional men in their own image. Consider these “words of god” (written by men):
    “God formed her body to belong to a man, to have and to rear children. Let them bear children till they die of it.”– Martin Luther.
    “In pain shall you bear children, your urge will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”– Genesis 3:16. “

    • Yes, thank you for including the pseudo-spiritual bullshit men have invented to justify what is clearly a sick game of kidnapping, humiliation, torture, rape and slavery. They want us to think this shit is HOLY!

  2. Elaine Charkowski

    Sonia Johnson on women’s domestication: This passage is from her book “The Ship that Sailed into the Living Room”

    “In pre-patriarchal times, before jehovah toppled the goddess (i.e., the knowledge of female divinity) from her throne in the hearts of the human species worldwide, every living woman knew she was the goddess—that her essence was pure creativity and power.  She didn’t look for guidance to some smarter, more powerful woman in the sky.  The goddesses in her mythical pantheon were representations of aspects of herself, as were all icons and sacred paintings.
    “So when men began their take-over of heaven and earth, what they were faced with were female deities on every hand, a planet full of goddesses.  Among the many strategies they found for stripping us of our power was one that has come in handy for them in subsequent, though smaller, wars.
    ” My formative years were spent during men’s so-called Second World War*.  From that war and from reading since, I learned some of the tactics that had had to be invented to prevent the escape of prisoners. Generally, when a group of men was captured, as soon as possible the captors got them into some sort of holding corral—some cordoned-off space—and set guards to watch them. Among the prisoners, leaders would soon arise, those men who might, for instance, urge others around them not to cooperate with the enemy until they were all given water.  In some way, those who were less afraid, surer of themselves, and therefore most likely to organize rebellions or escapes, soon identified themselves.
    “Their captors discovered through trial and error that to prevent trouble they had either to execute these leaders immediately or to put them in solitary confinement—one man to one cell with his own private guard. The analogy is obvious.  When men dreamed of controlling women and hence the world, every woman was just such a leader—one of those who would disrupt and defeat the hell-plans.  So during the war men have fought against us for thousands of years, they have had either to kill us or to put us in solitary confinement—one woman to one guard in one cell.
    “But at first women were so incredibly strong and the bonds between and among us so indissoluble, that these tactics alone could never have succeeded.  Our eventual subjugation was accomplished, as all seasoning is accomplished, by a lethal combination of brainwashing and terrorism. 

    ” It was the slow work of many, many centuries to tame us, to persuade us that this captivity, violence, and isolation was in our best interests, that it meant that we were loved and respected, that it was pleasant, that we liked it, that we wanted it, that we couldn’t live without it, and—the ultimate doublespeak—that it was freedom.
        They called it “marriage” and it was literal house arrest.
    *There has been only ONE war fought literally worldwide, affecting every living thing, and that has been men’s all-out, non-stop, millennia-long war against women, a war that not only continues to this moment without the slightest abatement but intensifies hourly.    –pp.136-138

  3. Then there are lesbians who never gave in to the male machine. Lesbians who refused to marry men or have sex with the enemy, and these were the women who age after age did revolution.

  4. Hi nuclearnight, thank you so much for this post. Im in my mid-twenties and many of my friends are getting married now. Amidst all the bullshit sentimentality about marriage, it is so refreshing to hear you slice deep to the heart of this issue. Marriage was not created by men out of their love for women; it is an institution of slavery and domestication.

    Here is another illuminating quote from Sonia Johnson, from The Sisterwitch Conspiracy:

    “Universally, they degrade our bodies to things whose primary function is to satisfy their insatiable appetites for sex and control; they turn us into the breeders and servants of their species, making us pay for their humiliation at being so absolutely dependent upon us when they are so totally non-essential to us.”

    Really, they’re worse than non-essential. They’re parasites. They disable and mutilate the minds and bodies of HALF the human species for such important things as orgasms, and their compulsive need to be alpha DICK.

    Men need women to survive, women need women to survive. Nobody needs men and we would all be better off without them and men know it. This is why they force women to depend on them by stealing women’s energy and resources and hoarding them to further the war/rape they so love to engage in. Congratulations boys, you’re the worst thing that’s ever happened to this planet.

  5. There is no woman, lesbian or otherwise, who alone can resist the male machine, if it sets it’s focus upon her. Once they separated us into classes: the married and the prostituted (though the actual lived differences between these two categories is often not nearly as pronounced as the propaganda myths would have us believe): then individuals (I would never let that happen to me!) we were finished as a force that could oppose our own enslavement. The only way out is to recombine, recognise that we are all in a similar boat. Recent feminism including radical feminism has failed markedly in addressing the issues around female alliances and their centrality in the success or failure of the feminist cause. There is now a strong movement toward feminist goals and we have been very successful at raising women’s consciousness, yet we are still losing ground because we don’t seem to be able to grasp the importance of at least appearing to be a coherent force. Men will not fear us at all, if we make public our differences, they will pick us off one by one when it suits them because they think we won’t defend each other. Every feminist and radfem who writes publicly puts herself at risk, even if we use aliases, we are all on the line and disunity threatens the welfare of each and everyone of us, because it leaves us open to patriarchal revenge.

  6. Have you ever read The Creation of Patriarchy? If so, what do you think about Lerner’s theory?

  7. Thing is, women do not defend each other and it’s a fact. Going solo dominates among men as well. Model of interactions reminds popular game monopoly where each person joins temporary union with another mostly for mutual exchange of whatever they want to trade. Non fully domesticated cow (childless) is only interesting for one reason. For the challenge of ultimate domestication, this is what drives aggressive male. Whichever female thinks she may be in position to trade with aggressive male she’s wrong. Exchange is not real, female is only to believe it is real. All she gets is only his attention which turns him on even more in pursuit of her ultimate domestication. In the end neither he gets what he thinks he wants, nor she is satisfied. Zero sum really and waste of time. When you’re not good for anything, you are at least good for breeding.

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