Last night I had a few thoughts I put on my tumblr:

Men use fucking and breeding as a way to pacify women.  It literally retards our ability to process reality.  The earlier they start this process the more effective it is.  Child rape is necessary to maintain the patriarchal system.  Ensuring that another generation of women will go gladly into the caste of available vagina men have deemed them best suited to.  It is not necessary for every woman to be raped in childhood for this process to work.  Just enough of us.  Everyone has several child rape and incest survivors in their day to day life.  Its more common than being left-handed.

Intercourse is about domestication.  Plain and simple.  The easiest way men have figured out to control us is through the act of fucking.  Now there’s the obvious #1 reason why this is effective.  Women become vulnerable through pregnancy and the care taking of children.  Knock a woman up and you’ve got her trapped.  Easy-peasy.  The threat of pregnancy also works in instilling the same psychological effects.  Your mind is preparing for impending doom.

But its not just the pregnancy factor that makes it so damned problematic.  The act of intercourse, as Andrea Dworkin wrote extensively on, is in itself a violation an act of possession.  This violation of women results in our capacities being utterly thwarted.  This is not an accident.  This is why men do it.  This is why men rape little girls.  They’re creating the next generation of “sexually empowered women”, the prostituted woman, the right-wing woman, the handmaiden.  The more it takes place, the easier the mind separates from the body, the easier it is to endure over and over again.  This process has the ultimate effect of separating a woman from her own truth.  The only truth she can understand is men’s.  Separated as she is from herself and thus all other women she simply cannot understand.

The dissociation one must engage in to endure the terrorism that is male sexual violence creates mental blocks.  In doing rape trauma recovery one often finds they’ve developed blocks around being able to understand and articulate experiences.  They also can see just how much of their lives have been thwarted and controlled by the fact that they went through the rapes.  In itself blocking human possibility.  The will of the individual human to express themselves fully.  All stopped because some man’s dick.

So yes, it is of utmost importance that women who can, not participate in the act of heterosexual fucking.  Each time this occurs the same physiological responses are taking place.  The mind is preparing for doom, the body stores the blocks, the self is violated.  Everything breaks down easier.  Not having intercourse is an act of self-love.  Self-preservation.  Self-actualization.


6 responses to “Domestication

  1. Many awesome truths spoken in this post. Good job!

  2. Thank you so much for this.

    As I grow older, and further apart from men – and reflect on my own experiences – those of my friends, family, of women I have supported over the years, personally and professionally – this makes more and more sense to me. Difficult as it is to process, it is deep and unflinching truth.

    I have witnessed some bizarre reactions to this piece where it has been shared. Some of which I get – this stuff is difficult. Most of which is blanket shock-horror that is revealing in it’s ‘hands over the ears’ response. Not to mention depressing. It is the strongest, most stubborn myth of patriarchy – that women must provide men with intercourse. It is fiercely and brutally defended. I can understand why. But I can no longer leave it unchallenged.

    I am so grateful for this piece. Discussion about this issue, between women, is crucial.

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