Big Important Male Ideas!

The HIStory of all hitherto society is the history of male classes and male ideas jockeying and jacking each other off in the game of which group of men with the biggest dick will have their say in how female labor will be exploited.  Well, I’m generalizing maybe a TAD bit but lets put on our thinking caps and look at it through a female-centric lens.

Certainly the female sex class* has been a massive part of every political upheaval known to humanity for some pretty obvious reasons:

1) All the bad shit that happens to men happens to women*, and happens to women WORSE.

2) Men are generally cowards that need to be emasculated by women in order to prove their virility in battle/bed/what have you.

3) Women have the most to gain from things changing.  (We tend to have the attitude of ‘can it really get worse than this?’ in relation to our perception of reality since we’re at the bottom of every social class.  Even very privileged women feel the degradation of their sex on a daily basis)

Into this situation comes….BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS!

Now we’ve all been exposed to these throughout our lives.  Its actually impossible not to come across them in some form.  BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS! such as “freedom”, “liberty”, “egalitarianism”, “free markets”, “individuals”, “society”, “the greater good”, “reform”, “revolution”, “inclusivity”, etc.  These are common place in the “marketplace of ideas” where the jockeying of men and the ideas that turn them on happens.

But the thing about BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS! is that they aren’t in any way the domain of woman.  Our job is to be the drudges of these BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS!  Men with ideas need coffee, men with ideas need flyers to be passed out, men with ideas need you to raise $$$ so that men with big important ideas can do what they think they need to do to make those ideas happen.  Men with ideas need a sexual outlet, men with ideas need a nice warm home to come to after a hard day of fighting for their ideas where life is idyllic, men with ideas need females to spout their ideas so that these male ideas aren’t exposed for the same old boring male ideas that they are (see Ann Coulter, Naomi Wolf, Christina Hoff Sommers).  You see one BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEA thats time came was “diversity” so every now and then they need a female drudge that can provide the appearance of it taking place.  Despite the fact that this is just a preventative measure by the male ruling class to appease the angry dude classes that they were more powerful than they actually are.

BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS! exist in the world of men.  Women can become attracted to these ideas, especially the more obscure ones as we aren’t exactly fluent in male idea speak.  When this happens women gladly throw themselves into the fray to become drudges to these male ideas.  Workhorses for male revolutions, or counter-revolutions, whichever really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day whats happening or what we want to happen isn’t going to benefit us in any way.

So I’m thinking of this today as I pontificate on twitter.  Some dude was going on about how radical feminists are crazy, tin-foil hat wearing loonies because we don’t want males at our conferences or any of our political activities (since you know, the point of radical feminism is to get away from males and their stupid fucking ideas).  It struck me that of course this is the same BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEA that has existed throughout time that women who don’t enjoy the degradation of our sex are just “crazy”.  Which can be conveniently thrown at any woman at any time no matter what her drudge work to the male gods has been.  It also struck me that this particular issue.  The issue of women being able to meet as a class defined apart from males is coming up against the new crop of BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS! about “gender”.  You see a whole bunch of males are under the impression that they are going to liberate huMANity by their transgression of gender, which their kind has imposed upon women without stop since time immemorial.  They’re angry that there’s this group of women they thought they could hoodwink by appropriating our feminist language who still aren’t willing to go out and be the drudges to their BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS!  They have recruited some women to drudge speak on behalf of them and their ideas.  But at the end of the day whats got them really in such a state is there are women now who have our own ideas, original ideas, women who have a legacy of gutsy women who’ve broken free of male ideas ahead of them.  The time of BIG IMPORTANT MALE IDEAS! is coming to and end.

* I use the terms “female sex class” and “woman/women” interchangeably, like any rational human being.


3 responses to “Big Important Male Ideas!

  1. There’s a lot of truth here! I like the way you showed how women who are political either become “drudges” or receive the time-honored ‘crazy woman’ label for not being passive push-overs.

  2. Their ideas are ego enhancers/plummage to impress chicks and get laid. They try’n out-plummage each other. All a pose. And yeah, as you point out, women become servants to Big Important Male Ideas. Isn’t it cool radfems have their own fucking ideas?? LOVE your ideas, Terri.

  3. What a delight for women to have our own ideas, and to develop them over time. That is why I love radical feminist thought, it is all ours, and that is why it is so hated. The power of women’s ideas when we are not serving the big male ego ideas is incredible. Liberation on our own terms is very frightening. scary to men because they know the game is up, and scary to the women who still haven’t quite broken free enough yet. But we will! Thanks for writing this, especially about that incideous new word “inclusive.” Gotta hand it to them, men always try to update the tom-foolery or dickery dick dock.

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