Seriously mate, WTF?

Being a feminist means being gaslighted on a mass level.  

So like many others I’m upset about the posts several bloggers have done against the trans critical radical feminists.  For one, the arguments are no different than your run of the mill liberalism and appeals to women’s desires to be liked and not be “hateful” towards our oppressors.  (Be spiritutally purer than them basically) but I also can’t help but recognize the lack of solidarity for what many of us who have chosen to speak out about the homophobia of certain trans people have gone through this week.  One of our own had her personal work and home address posted as an intimidation tactic against her by Xander Sarkisova because she dared to tell Xander in no uncertain terms that lesbians have a right to not have sex with males if they so fucking choose.  

I personally did a video responding to what happened and Xander’s whitewashing of history on his blog and had a false copyright infringement claim made against my video. (ILLEGAL BTW! but to counter it I’d have to give this asshole my personal fucking information!)

So one woman’s life is being threatened and one woman’s free speech is being infringed upon, lesbians rights to sexual autonomy from men (all women’s sexual autonomy from men) are being mocked and the problem we all need to focus on is how to sound nicer and dialogue better with people who have utter contempt for conscious women.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Seriously, am I being trolled here?  This doesn’t make sense.

All I’m seeing is that radical feminists need to make themselves more respectable if they’re going to be taken seriously.  Since when did acting like respectable ladies get women anything?  Oh yeah, NEVER!

Oh and also apparently people promoting the idea of gender as an inherent identity rather than a form of sex caste stereotyping isn’t oppressing women?  What?

Can we not throw lesbians under the bus with our talk of supporting the “lgbtBBQ” community? Their rights are consistently being violated by the trans community.  Oh and the general umbrella “queer” community as well.  Its tough times for dykes and they could use a little sisterly support.  They’ve written about this extensively.  Its as if you’d think they didn’t exist.

Change doesn’t happen because we have nice discussions and win people over to our side through our reasoning and logic.  If that were the case we’d have won this war (and this fight against patriarchy is a war and the patriarchs are winning) ages ago.  We have to force it to happen.  We win recruits by actually making their lives better, by forcing change to happen, not by stimulating their neurons and making them like us because we’re so nice.  

It feels bad because I genuinely like these women but I’m at the point where I feel like I’m actually having to defend the fact that my abuse has happened.  It feels really fucking bad.



6 responses to “Seriously mate, WTF?

  1. Why do you think it is that the arguments against trans are so objected to even amongst many radfems? Heck, even for me the arguments are pretty clear.

    • I think its mainly because of residual liberalism amongst women. No one wants to be THAT woman, the mean one, the one that people don’t like. We’re socialized as women to seek acceptance and be liked but to do that we have to pretty much sacrifice our integrity. Which is what I think the trans thing boils down to, the integrity of female experience.

  2. Yup. Solidarity with women has to include solidarity *with* radical feminists and *with* lesbians, or it’s not feminist solidarity.

    That seems to have been forgotten, under the general assumption that women of all kinds exist only to support others. But feminism requires solidarity to come back in the other direction too.

  3. Some trans people are depressing. They think following the gender roles of the opposite biological sex means defying gender roles. The gender roles aren’t defied just because a man is identifying as a woman’s gender roles. And ftm’s want to be men and talk about how their female body is disgusting. Misogyny is never absent in any group of people. Fucking sad.

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