It could be you or me

My roommate came home today.  She was acting strangely I suppose.  It took her over an hour to sit down and gather herself.  She said she wasn’t sure if she should tell me something.  Which then was followed by her recounting her visit with her grandmother.  Her grandmother had taken her for a walk around the trailer park where she lives, as they were taking their stroll her grandmother pointed to an area where a couple weeks ago she found the body of young woman, naked from the waist down with her hands tied.  She also pointed out that the young woman was wearing jade earrings.  I immediately reached down for my large jade amulet I wear everyday.  She didn’t live in the area where she was found.  Someone left her body there.


I don’t know who this woman is, her death hasn’t made the news.  

This happens every day.

Every day women are killed and left on the side of the road, in forests, in parks, in bodies of water, in parking lots.  Every day they are sexually tortured and murdered.  There isn’t a day that passes where women aren’t killed for being women.  There isn’t a day that passes where the femicide stops.  This could be you or me next time and we wouldn’t even make the fucking news because its so common.  

I plan to find out who this woman was.  What happened.  I want to make a fuss.  I want the world to know a young woman no different than you or me, save circumstance was raped and murdered.  I want to raise hell upon earth.  This happens every day.


6 responses to “It could be you or me

  1. I want to remember her. I want to know her story. She is the Unforgotten.

  2. I too want to remember her.

  3. When it happens to one woman, it’s directed at all of us. We are her and she is us — we were just luckier. For today.

  4. Yes, and don’t let them take away the truth about it being females who males rape and torture and murder.

    Recently, I heard “feminists” on a “feminist” radio “women’s magazine” having a discussion about the Occupy movement. We are bombarded all the time in the media and most places with the word “man” being used to describe people in a way that excludes females — “Mankind,” “what ‘man’ has accomplished in science,” etc. — yet these “feminists” talked about “people being raped” in the Occupy movement, as well as “people raping” and “people sexually harassing people.”

    I didn’t hear them once refer to men being the rapists or harassers, or women being the victims. What the fuck has happened if this obliteration of who rapes and who is raped is called “feminist?” (This is as far from real Feminism as can be, and reminds me of the rally in support of the fifteen year old girl who was gang-raped for hours outside of her local high school by a large group of boys and men who texted for more friends to join them in torturing the girl. A man at the rally proclaimed that those rapists “are as much victims as the girl.” NO ONE protested.)

    Later on, the “women’s magazine” mentioned “feminist genderqueers,” and maybe that’s the problem. “Genderqueer” is trendy, but it’s also the exact opposite of Radical Lesbian Feminism, and harms us as a movement and individually. It’s part of defining women and Lesbians out of existence.

  5. Refusing to name the perpertrator doesn’t solve anything. Do people fear gangs of Females roaming or is it those other people (men).

    I feel sad for the woman I wish her the best in her next life and her family and friends get closure.


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