you’re just being ‘divisive’ and other chauvinism

It never fails that when women criticize other women for behavior that is demeaning or oppressive its taken as a personal insult. No matter how the language is coached or how constructive and useful the criticism is.

Here’s how this works in reality:

Person with privilege is blind to how the world unfairly gives them advantage. So when its pointed out to them that hey things are a lot worse down here and hey you kind of aren’t helping, its taken personally.

Then the person pointing it out is ganged up on (generally), told they are the problem because what they’re doing is creating “horizontal hostility” and they are being “divisive”.

Its rarely acknowledged that whats actually hostile and divisive is the behavior and chauvinism of the advantaged party.

You see, pointing out someone’s behavior or oversight isn’t hostility, and isn’t it great when its generally impoverished/black women who are the “hostile” ones and isn’t it great that there’s generally no recourse as the women criticized usually hold all the keys to the doors of activism anyway?


4 responses to “you’re just being ‘divisive’ and other chauvinism

  1. Ugh the same thing happens to me all the time when I try to explain my feminist beliefs to my mother but all she seems to hear is “I AM A TERRORIST HAIRY FEMINAZI RAAWWRRR” ugh it’s annoying as fuck and frustrating to me.

  2. Shit. Sorry that went down 😦

  3. My recent experience with “we don’t appreciate your behavior!” (note: omg — really? am I in kindergarten? are they going to take away my stars for the day, keep me in at recess, send me to the principal, and call my mother? shit) / “you’re so hostile!” / “you’re singlehandedly ruining feminism (again)!” / “you’re being divisive” has led me to believe these statements all have a really simple translation.

    “You’re making me uncomfortable! Quit calling me (or others like me) out, because I want to keep luxuriating in my privileged bubble and pretending that nobody I like is doing anything wrong.”

  4. In keeping with the theme of your post – and thanks for it, I found it through my comrade who runs “MLM Mayhem” – you might appreciate this critique of ‘Slutwalk’ from the perspective of the marginalized within white feminism.

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