Maintaining a Vision

The past few years have been kind of a problem for me in terms of my political identity. My facebook profile skirts around this easily with the “she demon” label.

I still call myself a Marxist-Feminist. I doubt that will change but I do have some problems with the label because although I utilize the Marxist method and am a staunch communist its hard for me to reconcile that with labelling the feminist aspect of it with a man’s name.

Most of the radical feminists I know come out of it from being leftists. They usually were anarchists, some but not many communists and they grew to become disillusioned with the amount of sexism they had to deal with and the disrespect for the righteousness of the female liberation struggle. Apart from many having been raped or abused by male activists in some way.

But the initial ideas they had were of a collective world, shared labor, shared resources, a world with completely different values than that which is lauded under capitalism as being important.

I’m partially inspired to write this because of Joy who I absolutely adore. I often feel out of place in what are supposed radical feminist circles because the elitism and the academia I feel all around me is stifling as a human being. Its the opposite of why I became interested in changing the world at all. Its what I rebelled against when I became a red, etc. Its not what my lifes blood is about.

That isn’t to say that I feel comfortable in most socialist/communist circles. The condescension towards females is overbearing. Many groups only laud Rosa Luxemburg as a respectable female revolutionary. If they recognize her at all. The idea that women need to organize autonomously is often laughed at at best and autonomous women’s groups are often disrespected regardless of their politics or their orientation towards working with men on other issues. Most women to survive on the male-led left have to develop a kind of machismo attitude, capitulate to male ideas and be just as macho and sexist towards women as the men are (if not more). Its not a safe space especially when you have to have conversations with dudes about how they’re “feminists” when they then turn around a few minutes later and say “if Marxist theory is feminist then why do you need to call yourself a feminist?” Not to mention the all work is slavery unless its prostitution then its empowering SEX WORK argument that gets tossed around like idiocy flying from so many mouths. Its beyond sickening to deal with.

So I guess I don’t know what to do exactly. I don’t feel “right” anywhere exactly. Except maybe with a small group of people (almost exclusively women) that I think share a similar vision.

I’m also thinking of dumping this blog and starting a different one cause the whole “chick” thing is starting to grate on my nerves. I’m more of a dame or a broad if we’re gonna use those kind of terms…

Labels, labels, labels.


8 responses to “Maintaining a Vision

  1. Yes, i agree it can be very discouaging to us women when we face bullshit like this and we expect the men that are our friends to be on our side! Situations like this always end up with the hopeful one being disappointed. It is your personal choice if a woman’s only group is right for you, whatever you do I will support it 🙂

  2. I love this post! ***Embracing you***

  3. So happy to read another post of yours! I miss you!! I really enjoyed reading this post, even if i can’t directly relate, i think you have brought up a lot of really good points.

    I have been struggling with this too, well not exactly your situation, but similar in not knowing where i “fit” into the labels and things. I met this dude a few weeks ago at a protest and he was nice and all but he was like “are you with an organization?” and i thought that was kind of odd as i have never been asked before…but he wanted to get me involved in his, i think, which is i believe is a Marxist-Leninist group, and well, i’m not a Marxist Leninist…and i felt the same way as you, about male-led groups. All of the members that were there that i met were men. if i ever got involved in an organization, i would want it to be with a women’s organization. also, too…i have a certain somebody coming to mind…talk about so-called “feminist’ dudes…jesus christ. that really clued me into the fact that even left circles are extremely male-dominated.

    Link me up when you get your new blog up and runnin’

    • Hey I’ve missed you too. Don’t worry, you’ll be one of the first to know.

      The certain someone you refer to was an egomaniacal douchebag who no doubt had his vanities flattered by the organization he joined and thus they won his love eternally. Its amazing how easy it was for him to throw his lady friends out the window for some good ol fashioned male bonding. blech.

  4. One of the reasons why I have become a bit turned-off by the libertarian community lately is mainly because of the sexism that is really in the libertarian community. It is a huge fucking sausage fest that cares more about electing Ron Paul than allowing women’s right to choose federally across the board for EVERY woman in the country…NOT to be decided by individual states who could easily take away those rights for women. Also, a lot of libertarians don’t like feminism or feminists, which pisses me off. I prefer to call myself a Women’s Right’s Advocate, but I obviously sympathize with feminism. I don’t agree with you on everything, but I do understand your main points…I like listening to what you have to say. I have always tried to keep an open-mind to things that I’ve never explored before. I think I’m my own type of “feminist.” I hate to call myself radical or sex pos…but a fine balance between the trenches of the internal feminist war. But I’m continuing to study and familiarize myself with the different theories and stuff. I’m enjoying learning new things every day. From discussing feminist issues on youtube with feminists across the board, I’ve begun to see more and more certain cases of sexism in the world around me in my daily life. It’s quite amazing what we find when we pay attention…

    • My friend coined the term “feminist without adjectives” which I like quite a bit. I have a lot of sympathies with the radical feminist identity, particularly women like Mary Daly whose work I go to when I need strength and advice of how to deal with the overwhelming sexism.

      Regarding the libertarians: I’ve found that men across the political spectrum are just as likely to be sexist as each other. It is obnoxious though because the “libertarian” mindset should theoretically apply to women shouldn’t it? Don’t we deserve liberty? Don’t we deserve autonomy? Its a total reversal they pull. They don’t think of us as humans so our liberty is of no concern to them. Its sad but true.

      Its good to know that making videos actually helps other women see it in their own lives. I feel like its pointless sometimes. Thanks for commenting. I always like hearing from you.

  5. So, so true. IMHO radical feminism doesnt sit well with Marxism tho. At the heart of radfeminism is the idea that the patriarchy is the original oppression and that class structure has grown out of it. As a Marxist, I cant subscribe to that.

    My Marxism leads me to the exploitation of labour and sexism as a mechanism by which female labour can be extracted either for free r at greatly reduced cost. The base oppression is class, ownership of the means of production and the exploitation of labour. Without feminism there can be no socialism but without socialism there can be no feminist society either. We need to tackle them together.

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