Pseudo-Progressive Cenk Uygur on Feminism

A feminist, TheTitsillator,  I subscribe to on youtube had her video about Cenk Uygur flagged down.  She suspects it was the man himself as she was being trolled by a rather suspicious sock account claiming to be a “good friend” of Mr. Cenk Uygur that was clearly upset about her aggressive takedown of his sexist ass.

Unfortunately, youtube in its infinite wisdom has now taken away my ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes so I opened a bliptv account to share her video with.

Please watch, give her some support, and reupload the video on youtube if you can.  Its important that dudes like this get exposed for the kind of misogynistic, fauxgressive idiots they really are.


[ width=”854″ height=”510″]

Fuck the male ego.


6 responses to “Pseudo-Progressive Cenk Uygur on Feminism

  1. Appropriately, the video began for me with a Bud Lite ad.

    Also, this movie … ugh. What a typical fauxgressive douchebag Cenk is.
    Yes, it’s true, Republicans/conservatives are so absurdly evil that everyone who isn’t quite as horrifying is considered “liberal” or even “progressive.” But the fact that language has shifted so far to the right doesn’t mean that we have to accept it and come to the same dismal conclusion.
    This is the same reason I was yelling at the TV tonight (during the liberal ‘debate’, eg Obama’s centrist-right speech). “We haven’t had a Democrat in the White House since Kennedy, and even he was questionable”, indeed.

    I really hope there’s something better out there, and Cenk and his ilk sure ain’t it.

  2. Update: I felt odd about even quoting TheTitsillator about JFK, because while I wasn’t even born until twenty-odd years after he died, the man and his attendant posthumous hero worship always makes me feel weird.
    He cheated on his wife with a string of disposable (to him) women, fucked up on foreign policy a lot, and also had several narcotics habits. Basically Bill Clinton of the Sixties, except nobody seemed to notice or care when he got extramarital blow jobs in the Oval Office.

    To ice the cake, my mother informed me of video footage wherein Jackie Kennedy admits JFK called Martin Luther King Jr a “n****r,” among other not-so-pleasant things. I think we can scratch old Jack off the list once and for all. America hasn’t had a ‘progressive’ president since FDR, and he wasn’t all that great either.

    (Although I confess: I think Jimmy Carter’s kind of a badass dude. A total failure of a president, but “total failure of a president” is a redundant statement anyway. Presidents are pretty much designed to fail, and I wonder when the rest of America is going to notice that.)

    • Heh! My list of presidents-I-hate-the-least is either 1) FDR 2) Carter or 1) Carter 2) FDR depending on my mood. FDR was certainly more effective, and they’re both dudebros, but what can ya do?

  3. You know i used to be a fan of The Young Turks until this whole thing but then i noticed certain things that would definetly count as a red flag but ignored it *sigh*

    • I think we often don’t listen to the little voices in our heads that tell us things are off. Its a hard thing to learn how to do, you’ll get better at it with practice 😛

  4. I like TYT, but it does seem as though sexism is the compromise they make to “keep it real” and pander to the majority (or perceived majority). Cenk says so many stupid things about women, like every woman reported on has to pass some hot or not scale, and perpetuating the myth that woman are in a position of power because men get distracted by their hotness. Its a shame women always get “thrown under the bus” (to use their terminology), when they need to appeal to a more mainstream audience.

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