Responding to Smears.

This past week I have been the victim of several attacks by people within the feminist community.  I am writing this merely so that there is a reference point in the future that I do not agree with these people’s accusations and find them to be unsubstantiated slanders.


The SexPos/Sex Worker drama queen Divinity33372 has named me as a “racist anti-porn feminist” in her blog Medusa’s Arrow and on her youtube channel.  Her evidence for calling me such is that I was disrespectful towards her perspective and dismissive of her.  Mind you that this is because I find her worldview to be reactionary and murderous to women, not because she is a latina.  She does not demonstrate how I have acted racist towards her.  She does demonstrate that a former prostituted woman that she’s been abusive towards has retaliated with racially themed slurs towards her but does not demonstrate the full context of said interactions.  She also names former antipornstar youtuber antiquelens as racist without backing it up either.

Said former prostituted woman has also engaged in slander towards me.  Diana Boston, currently known as “girlonfilm1969” on youtube and I have had a falling out over the Israel/Palestine conflict.  I had put up with I feel a fair deal of her uninformed bigoted opinions about the conflict, esp regarding Arabs and a fair bit of redbaiting of all leftists critical of Israel’s continued human rights abuses.  I recognize that this is an emotional issue for some people on both sides and let most of it go.  However in a skype room set up for our small group of friends to talk she and another person engaged in a discussion I found absolutely disgusting and bigoted, not only towards arabs but to communists like myself and I quietly left, not saying anything.  She was angry that I had retweeted a snarky comment from the comedian @seanbedlam on twitter on the recent Israeli attack on some Syrians at their border and chose to take the issue publicly.  She accused me of “rage quitting” her skype room, thus making our personal disagreement public and when I went on to challenge her views via twitter she called me an “anti-semite” and used inflammatory rhetoric about killing all the jews, diaspora and how I don’t believe Israel has a right to exist (My actual opinion is that a one-state solution would be the best option of moving forward currently and that Palestinians and Israelis should have the same rights and protections as citizens of the land they inhabit and through shared governance many conflicts could be peacefully solved).

I also took the opportunity to point out that Diana was not actually Jewish and it was anti-semetic for her to continue the charade when I’ve known her for years and she’s only recently spoken about being Jewish when before she was pagan and her history of Judaism has changed several times since she started claiming she was Jewish (around 6-7 months ago).

She posted several videos glorifying zionism on her youtube channel and even posted one clearly directed towards me as it attacks leftists for their support of Palestine.  The fact that the communist movement internationally has been led by many Jews throughout history (Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg, Abram Leon) doesn’t seem to cross her radar or the fact that communists were massacred alongside Jews in the Holocaust.  If its anti-Israel in any way its anti-semetic.

I was also then attacked by @anarchofeminist and her partner @anarchistsoup for my views (anarchofeminist even referred to me as a “jew-hater”) and of course my ACTUAL opinions about solutions and ways forward for the Israeli and Palestinian people were ignored.

I feel strongly that this behavior is unacceptable and the attempts to portray Israel as a haven in the middle-east for women RIDICULOUS.  As Andrea Dworkin wrote so eloquently in her essay on Israel, they are the worlds biggest producer of holocaust pornography which otherises Jewish women even more in the eyes of Jewish men and eroticizes the very real rape and torture Jewish women experienced during the Holocaust.  Apart from that, the occupation of the West Bank has had devastating effects on Palestinian women and their ability to move freely to access healthcare for their children and obtain food for their families.

So to wrap-up.  I am not a racist, although I may be a white woman and blind to some behaviors and ideas I may have internalized living in a racist society.  If someone finds my behavior to be racist they can talk to me about it and I will not be defensive.  I just would like it to be ACTUAL criticism instead of a smear-campaign.

I am also NOT anti-semetic and denounce any attempts by people to equate the crimes of the Israeli state with Jews in general.  Or the attempts of people to equate basic capitalism and some Jews holding massive amounts of capital with Jews in general.


7 responses to “Responding to Smears.

  1. What the hell is going on?!!!

    I am shocked that people are still sinking to these lows to smear you – absolutely disgusting. Of all people to call a racist, I tell ya…I do not understand why or how Divinity would think racism was/is taking place through dialogues with her – it is so strange…

    I have to say though, I am appalled about the the way you are being portrayed as an anti-Semitic person – how are your opinions on the conflict anti-Semetic? Did you ever say that Palestinians did not take part in violence? I doubt that – you seem to merely be pointing out the obvious human rights abuses that fail to be recognized by our larger society. I have no idea why this is, we must not support such divisions, such violent divisions at that. How is that anti-Semetic? I do not understand!!!

    I hope this blows over soon, and I think writing an informed and honest post was the best route to take – you explained yourself and rose above the childish bullshit.

    Nevertheless, I am disappointed and sad that the community is divided in such ways – that other women are lashing out so horribly and harshly.


  2. thebewilderness

    Your erstwhile friend is having an Inego Montoya moment. Common among those who follow Humpty Dumpty language rules.
    That word “Semitic” does not mean what she think it means.
    I’m sorry you are going through this. Authoritarianism asshattery is everywhere, and is especially painful when it erupts in a close community.

  3. Been through that in a different context; I know what absolute hell it is on the female psyche. Take care.

  4. Water off a duck’s back.

    I don’t agree with some of your positions — but really, that some israel-fetishist is unclear on the concept of democratic rights isn’t your problem. It’s hers.

    People can call you any names they want. Anyone who matters who judge you by what you do. Reactionaries come in all shapes and sizes. If we can learn anything from the horror of refugees from the nazism building a racist state in the name of Jews… I would hope it’s that.

  5. 1 state solution can only work if everyone in the region became secular bourgeois or socialist, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. In the mean time best to push out as many $ettler$ as possible and fight for as many gains as possible for the rightful inhabitants of Palestine.

  6. BTW, I always knew DB was a $nake.

  7. I thought “semite” also included Arabs, thus your standing up for the Palestinians would make it impossible for you to be an anti-semite?

    I wish you strength in dealing with this verbal abuse.

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