Victims Don’t Want Your *Power*

The liberal/sexpositive/thirdwave feminist attempt to portray feminists who believe and demonstrate that the problems women face are a direct result of structures which seek to discourage, silence and prevent women from seeking their rightful place in the world as victims still hasn’t ceased.

I encourage all women out there, if you’re in any way involved in thinking about sexual politics, MAKE SURE YOU ARE ANONYMOUS.  If you’re going to talk about things that may have happened to you because you are a woman, make sure these fucks won’t be able to go run to places you volunteer, organizations you’re a part of, family members with their bullshit about how you need mental health intervention because you’re just not over your trauma (as if it ever is something thats just gotten over).

I got my start in internet feminism in an unlikely place, youtube.  vlogging.  There are many examples of women on this male dominated space that embody this “power feminist” mentality and even openly quote from Naomi Wolf’s book “Fire With Fire”.  Two Examples are ZOMGitsCriss and Divinity33372 who openly dismiss and vilify women who they view as having “victim mentalities”  (ie feminists).  Now whats interesting is that both of these women have admitted publicly to having either been raped or been victim to attempted sexual assault.  To quote ZOMGitsCriss “If you have a victim mentality then you will be a victim”.  In her blog  she writes openly about having a man she dated attempt to rape her, did this happen because she had a victim mentality or because she was a woman?  Do these horrors happen to women because our thoughts are wrong?  Or do they happen to us because of our biology?

The divide between liberals and radicals is obvious when one examines that particular quote.  Liberals believe that change happens through us thinking nicer thoughts and radicals know change happens because we put our muscle where our mouth is and change MATERIAL reality.

But the whole point of this post is this: I don’t want your fucking power.  I don’t want to kill or be killed, I don’t want to dominate or be dominated.  I don’t want to compartmentalize my experiences so that I can get through the day reliving them with every choice I make to use sexuality for attention, for money, for love.  Thats the difference.  Call feminists victims if you will but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re actually just choosing our choices and if choosing to be as bad as a patriarchal man is is the best choice, we choose otherwise.


11 responses to “Victims Don’t Want Your *Power*

  1. fuck yes. this this this.

  2. This is a very – I dare say – *powerful* post. Seconding BK’s this x3.

  3. Amazing post. I haven’t been reading this blog for very long, but you hit everything right on so perfectly. I’m new to feminism, and I’m still learning lots day by day, but thank you.

    • Awesome. We’re all learning (and unlearning) lots day by day. If you need any resources feel free to ask, I’ve got a lot of stuff archived and saved on my computer and know how to get into contact with a lot of different branches of feminist thought.

      What are you passionate about as a new feminist?

      • Well, first and foremost, I want to unlearn everything I’ve learned as a result of being brought up in the patriarchy. I’ve done a lot of wrong to a lot of people, and I’d like to start making up for it. I find the current political climate and rape culture to be so pervasive, it’s like I took off a pair of goggles and now I can see everything so clearly. Mostly I’m trying to learn about what my government is doing to help/harm women in our society and what I can do help/stop the government along. Also, the constant body policing of pop culture bothers me. As does the growing number of women affected and abducted by the rape trade. There’s so much to learn, and I feel like I’ve wasted so much time being a douchebag part of the problem. I want to educate myself, so that I can help in a way that’s not condescending, not ‘mansplainy’. I’ve been perusing Feminism 101 and that’s taught me a lot, and I’ve started my reading via my local library. I already perused your reading list, but any other pertinent books, articles or websites would be most appreciated. Thank you so much for your response, by the way. It means a great deal that you’d want to help in my education.

  4. I’m an ugly man-troll that is creepy because of my child-like appearance and obsession with trannies and prostitutes. I may or may not have a dungeon where I torture animals.

    My malformed testicles inspire rage that I take out on women who don’t approve of my masturbation habits. In any decent society my mother would have smothered me not soon after birth.

  5. Liberal women- It’s all about me me me!!!
    Radical women- It’s all about us us us!!

    There. Demonstrated.

  6. lateralpazwalk


  7. i’m (sort of) new to the rad-fem blogosphere after a helluva backward slide into liberalism as well and i have to say a big, resounding ~YES!~ to this post.

    the way i see it – the difference between the liberals and the radfems are that the liberals *want* things to work out the way they’d *like* it to go, regardless of a precious little thing called *reality*.

    radfems are ALL ABOUT THE REALITY!!!

    it cuts into the soul because you feel the truth of it and you know that feeling when something is actually RIGHT. thanks for sharing.

  8. “…if choosing to be as bad as a patriarchal man is is the best choice, we choose otherwise.”

    Yes! Exactly!! I was watching a YouTube video the other day put out from by UKFeminista and at one point women are demonstrating and they shout out, “This is what Empowerment Looks Like.” And it’s so true! *Real* empowerment can look like so many different things, but giving in to the status quo, it’s not.

  9. I cannot stand these liberal or “fun fems!” There is nothing “fun” about feminism (I prefer radical feminism)..Feminism is a very serious thing, and it needs to be taken seriously if we desire to change patriarchal life as we know it, and make life easier and more fair for women. Fun feminism is a big slap in the face to feminists many years ago, and in the present. Feminists have been working SO hard to change our lives for the better for several, several years! How dare these ignorant and clearly immature fun fems water down our important feminist movement! In my opinion, they need to grow up and stop the bullshit of being so ” cool with men.” Who cares that they are proud of their sexuality? So am I, but that’s not the issue at large that we’re fighting for.

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