Transphobia and the Erasure of Misogyny

We are half the world’s population.  We are women.  We are born women.  We are oppressed because we are women.  Not because of our thoughts, or how we identify, because of something real and tangible about ourselves that is biological and therefore a means of categorizing us as second class.

Our experiences are different than transwomen’s experiences.  Either we’re allowed our own spaces, our own organizations, our own charities we will not get anywhere in terms of basic human respect.  Autonomous organizing and services are our right as oppressed human beings, yet here we are, allowing these things to be taken from us without much of a fight so as to not offend the sensibilities of people who were once men.

As long as female children are more likely than any other group in the world to be raped, live in poverty and experience violence than I will support women’s rights to define themselves, for themselves.

If that makes me transphobic, oh well.


3 responses to “Transphobia and the Erasure of Misogyny

  1. The entire post, word perfect. Thanks.

  2. Hear hear, I’m sick of radfems being accused of the dreaded ‘transphobia’ , I wouldn’t mind their inclusion if they concentrated on the issues that affects born woman and girl not just them.

  3. Wow… 😮 This is well-written, and concise. I will be sharing it with some people, for sure. Xie xie. Thank you… 🙂

    My voice hurts from screaming that I matter.

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