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Female Infanticide

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I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what it means to be born female in this world.  It seems that regardless of where we live on the planet there are commonalities, the disappointment many parents openly exhibit to having been cursed with a female child is not relegated to places like India and China.  It happens here.  There’s also the sexual harassment, rape, invasion of personal boundaries and humanity that groom little girls for enduring their lives as women having to sacrifice their own comfort and autonomy for others that exists in every human occupied land mass on the planet.  

So taken our usual experience as women and add poverty and desperation into the mix and we see an increase in the denigration and hatred towards us.  This is exemplified in rural areas of China where feudalistic practices still force families to produce sons.  Its exemplified in the brutal rape gangs of the Congo.  Its exemplified in the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the rape camps set up to inflict terror in the female population, it exists now in reports from Save The Children in Libya, remarking that an increase in rape of children (girls) is occuring with the dissolution of the society’s infrastructure.

Watching this doc made me sad.  I wonder how it feels to be a woman who has to abandon her female child.  I have trouble believing that women don’t love their girls, that it doesn’t hurt their psyche to abandon their daughters in this way.

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Transphobia and the Erasure of Misogyny

We are half the world’s population.  We are women.  We are born women.  We are oppressed because we are women.  Not because of our thoughts, or how we identify, because of something real and tangible about ourselves that is biological and therefore a means of categorizing us as second class.

Our experiences are different than transwomen’s experiences.  Either we’re allowed our own spaces, our own organizations, our own charities we will not get anywhere in terms of basic human respect.  Autonomous organizing and services are our right as oppressed human beings, yet here we are, allowing these things to be taken from us without much of a fight so as to not offend the sensibilities of people who were once men.

As long as female children are more likely than any other group in the world to be raped, live in poverty and experience violence than I will support women’s rights to define themselves, for themselves.

If that makes me transphobic, oh well.