A B-Chick Update

Well I haven’t posted anything in over two months which is just a travesty.  Particularly since I appreciate all the people who have reblogged my material on various sites and gotten it out there for others.  Its a real treat to be perusing feminist spaces all over the internet and see that your words aren’t just you screaming into the void.

I’ve been too busy to write, which is a shame because writing is where I communicate on the level I feel most at ease.  Everything just flows from my fingers and my lips as I tap tap tap.

Wage slavery, activism, trying to keep up with the revolutions and worker’s uprisings with me failing to come to some kind of analysis.  Heartbreak over bodies exploding and rape being used as a weapon of war again and again.  Excitement that I believe the end of US imperialism is upon us.

I’m back.


2 responses to “A B-Chick Update

  1. I actually stopped looking at your blog because I thought you were done with it. I just checked and I’m glad to see you are back in action. I see you have posted two articles since this one, and I look forward to more.

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