Rape Threats

One of the most absurd comebacks men have when their precious right to create, disseminate and sell the sexual abuse of women’s bodies is the threat of rape hanging over our heads.

They need to be able to rape a small group of women so that the rest of us are safe.  But we aren’t safe anyway.

They say men will create rape squads and gangrape women.

But we have pornography everywhere, and they already do.

They say that Japan has so much pornography everywhere and they have one of the lowest rape rates in the world.

But women in Japan are sexually assaulted on the subway en masse that the police officers who are there to deal with the issue are so overwhelmed that they cannot.  But women in Japan are afraid of coming forward and reporting their rapes.


Pornography doesn’t stop rape and for many of us, our bodies remember that it actually encourages rape.

So stop with your threats of rape militias, you fuckers do that anyway.


10 responses to “Rape Threats


    Men already rape womyn and girls en masse, so this argument has never sat well with me (except for when I gobbled up proporn shit for breakfast)

  2. *nods in agreement* Spot on post.

    Too fucking many of our bodies remember.

  3. Fabulous post. When men rape a quarter of all women and keep the other 75% in fear, how is that not already terrorism?

  4. Thanks for saying this. Given what you wrote, what is your opinion of the charges [and the use of the charges] against Assange? How does a Marxist Feminist approach this. I need some guidance.

  5. They say men will create rape squads and gangrape women.

    Once again men portraying themselves as uncurable rapists by nature makes them extremely unattractive for future interactions of any kind, thereby making it so much easier for girls & women to just say NO to them. Keep on promoting lesbian separatism/female celibacy, guys!

  6. Excellent post!

  7. Excellent post, though clearly disturbing: I haven’t heard this offensive/frightening excuse for pornography since I was working a minimum wage job way back in my undergraduate days and reading, for the first time, Andrea Dworkin’s “Pornography”. I got in an argument with a co-worker who made that exact same argument… I was so shocked at the time, and certain that I was working with a crazed psycho, only learning about a year later that his position was not unique – he must have read about it in one of his coveted Maxim magazines he was always bringing to work. (He also made the argument that “of course she’s a feminist because she’s ugly” – a very lovely man.) In any case, any arguments that are premised on some quasi-Platonic gender essence, offensive or not, are idiotic. And you would think that people who make this argument would realize that they’re just, as kurukurushoujo pointed out above, justifying the radical feminisms they hate in the first place.

  8. “They say that Japan has so much pornography everywhere and they have one of the lowest rape rates in the world.”

    Their rates of rape would skyrocket if marital rape were fully (socially and legally) acknowledged in Japan. Technically, a country where every single woman has been raped could have an outstandingly low statistical incidence of sexual violence so long as that country did not acknowledge marital rape as a crime (and many places, including the US and Canada, still often refuse to legally acknowledge rape that occurrs in intimate relationships).

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