Monthly Archives: December 2010

Rape Threats

One of the most absurd comebacks men have when their precious right to create, disseminate and sell the sexual abuse of women’s bodies is the threat of rape hanging over our heads.

They need to be able to rape a small group of women so that the rest of us are safe.  But we aren’t safe anyway.

They say men will create rape squads and gangrape women.

But we have pornography everywhere, and they already do.

They say that Japan has so much pornography everywhere and they have one of the lowest rape rates in the world.

But women in Japan are sexually assaulted on the subway en masse that the police officers who are there to deal with the issue are so overwhelmed that they cannot.  But women in Japan are afraid of coming forward and reporting their rapes.


Pornography doesn’t stop rape and for many of us, our bodies remember that it actually encourages rape.

So stop with your threats of rape militias, you fuckers do that anyway.