I strongly recommend that feminists boycott Powells bookstore.

On Friday, October 15th, 2010 Powells hosted for a Q&A and book signing, the misogynistic writer and cultural icon Tucker Max.  Although there was a public outpouring, trying to speak to management, voice concerns, etc.  None of it was taken seriously by Powells.

There was a protest organized which warranted Powells calling the police and escorting a woman who asked him a question about human trafficking and his responsibility to the world around him.
The owner of Powells actually had the nerve to come out to the protest and say he agreed with us and made it out like it was the employees of his business (who’ve recently unionized) who were the problem, because we would really believe that they- who wouldn’t really materially benefit from hosting someone like Tucker Max were responsible for him being hosted.  Or for Powells cowardly not advertising his visit on their outdoor sign which labels all guests, or on their website until the day before.

Powells books, which has been a staple of the Portland community has a responsibility to this community not to host vile hateful people who spread bigotry and ignorance, even as a “joke”.

I know that most of my readers are not citizens of Portland Oregon, but many do travel here, and many order books online from places like  Please make sure you are not ordering from their online stores.

This girlcott is in effect until Powells publicly apologizes for their profiting off of rape culture and disrespect for the women in their community.

Contact Powell’s customer service:

Toll Free: 800-878-7323, Press 3
In Oregon: 503-228-4651 ext 5482


4 responses to “GIRLCOTT ALERT

  1. God, aren’t they supposed to be progressive or whatever? That’s some mega bullshit. I’ll make damn sure I don’t order anything from them.

  2. I actually am a resident of Portland, Oregon, and I’ve loved Powell’s since before its makeover. I’ve had a big problem with the anti-union stuff, but went there anyway because they’re local. This is depressing.

  3. They have unionized employees. Seems a good reason to continue supporting them. Our local independent book store showcased Lindsay (Lindy?) England, can’t remember the cunt’s name. We called, and wrote letters of protest. Response was we try to be objective and adhere to first amendment. OK then we suggested a photographic display of the nazi cunt with her victims, in dog collars, and human pyramids. Didn’t work. They got write up in the paper but this is a right wing, military loving city so no surprise. Is this jerk worth boycotting a union store? I never heard of him.

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