Misogynistic Language – Its only bad when the radfems use it!

I was admonished this morning by an idiot sex poz feminist for calling another woman “bitch” on my youtube channel.  While yes, I agree, its not proper to call women bitches I’m more just angered about the hypocrisy of it all.

Misogynistic language is prevalently used to refer to radfems on youtube by sex poz feminists.  The users divinity33372 and feministwhore spring to mind immediately as examples of so called feminists degrading and abusing other women, whilst calling them traditionally misogynistic words.

But what of the pornography they so willingly support?  You know, that vile shit with tons of examples of women being called misogynistic slurs and choked, slapped, punched, gagged, etc.  All I hear is silence.  What of all the misogynistic men they so willingly support in their struggle against those mean bad rad fems?  You know, the ones who will photoshop a woman’s face who has spoken openly about being a rape survivor’s image onto the head of a porn actress who is being violently penetrated.  They’re fine with that, they’re fine with men calling women all kinds of horrible things and degrading them.  I guess if a penis is entering some orifice it suddenly stops being misogynistic and immediately becomes “progressive” (whatever the hell that means).

Its called a double standard, if someone “agrees” with their bullshit opinions then its a green light on dropping the b-word.  If someone disagrees with them then its BAD.  But remember :  double standards for behavior is what fun feminism is all about!


8 responses to “Misogynistic Language – Its only bad when the radfems use it!

  1. the double standard is now outdated… I’d like to take this opportunity to advocate a triple standard.

  2. Ugh. Fun fems are so annoying. I’m tired of the double standard, too. Have you noticed the tendency for fun fems to “reclaim” words like bitch and whore in order to be more “empowered”? They don’t understand that reclaiming is only possible if the thing you’re reclaiming ever belonged to you. Those words were created by men in order to divide women into different types, and thus create different classes of women which could be abused without consequence. As in, “She’s a whore – she can’t be raped!” Or “She’s such a bitch – she deserved to be hit/punched/raped/choked/killed.” Then there are the neopagan women who think that the whore or bitch “archetype” is “sacred.” Yeah, if you’re a privileged white person who serves the patriarchy.

  3. I’m a bitch, a female dog. So that automatically makes me a hypocrite then! You’re so judgemental against female dogs!

  4. You will never hear them utter a word of complaint against “feminist” porn sites that also will frequently use debasing language towards womyn, sites like Burning Angels and shit.

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