To the asshole who found my blog by searching for ‘rape porn’…

I hope I killed your fucking boner.


11 responses to “Justice!

  1. People find my blog with terms like that, too…

    I hope I kill their boners, too. Because I can’t kill them.

  2. I just got ‘bdsm buried alive’.
    Sick fucks.

  3. Oh wait… there’s a chance my searcher was after the ‘Buried Alive’ blog, with articles critiquing BDSM. My bad.

    Still, I have had plenty of ‘rape porn’, ‘girls being raped porn’, ‘women fucked by dogs’ as searches. Makes my blood run cold.

  4. Your resistance only makes my penis harder.

  5. Then I’ll have to make do with chopping off your head.

  6. Oh baby, I like it like that.

  7. You can function without your head? I guess the ‘headless chicken’ anecdote is based upon reality then. Huh.

  8. [My name is Laurelin, and I’ll be your troll-feeder today.]

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