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On the Arrogance of White Women

To preface:
I suppose this post is in response to things that have happened in the radical feminist blogosphere recently that I’ve only recently become invested in catching up with and interacting with.  I’m a little devastated that people who were writing material I found very profound and important are engaging in behavior which seems at face value to be racist and ignorant.  I’m still trying to figure it out.

Its important to be invested in the fight against white supremacy, if you are a white feminist for the simple fact that the majority of women on this planet are not white.  It is important because the white female reality is a minority of the feminine reality on this planet.

Its not the job of the rest of the women on this planet to educate you about their reality or how to be their ally.  Can you imagine a man coming up to you and demanding that you tell him how to stop being a sexist?  Doesn’t that come across as kind of like they’re using you to hide their sexism?  To make themselves better people?  How many of us tell the menfolk to get off our blogs when they ask us streams of questions about shit that is obvious to us?  Its no one’s responsibility but yours to educate yourself.  A black woman, or any woman of color is not your personal resource for expanding your consciousness just because she’s down with feminism.

Luckily for us (white women) there have been many women of color throughout history who have written about their realities in the hopes of helping all women rise.  There’s no excuse not to read what they have to say.  Its insane to try to disconnect racism from sexism.  In prostitution whose bodies are sold to the lowest bidder and end up in the gutter? When the government cuts social services who suffers?  When the beauty mandates come down from on high who is alienated from any concept of beauty in the mainstream white culture?  Who are the women having their families ripped apart by the state?  Who are the women who have had to deal with genocidal forced sterilization and birth control testing?  Who are the pregnant women shot in their uterus’ when government raids on “drug cartels” in Latin America?

Racism like all forms of oppression grows out of our learned behavior to objectify other human beings by first dividing ourselves into male and female as children.  Its not hard to realize how integral the fight against racism is to understanding the oppression of women.

Sometimes it seems like all some people want is a seat at the table, greater enfranchisement for *this* marginalized group, or greater enfranchisement for *that* one.  Not a complete overhaul of ALL the institutions which work together to grind women under the patriarchy’s heel.


I strongly recommend that feminists boycott Powells bookstore.

On Friday, October 15th, 2010 Powells hosted for a Q&A and book signing, the misogynistic writer and cultural icon Tucker Max.  Although there was a public outpouring, trying to speak to management, voice concerns, etc.  None of it was taken seriously by Powells.

There was a protest organized which warranted Powells calling the police and escorting a woman who asked him a question about human trafficking and his responsibility to the world around him.
The owner of Powells actually had the nerve to come out to the protest and say he agreed with us and made it out like it was the employees of his business (who’ve recently unionized) who were the problem, because we would really believe that they- who wouldn’t really materially benefit from hosting someone like Tucker Max were responsible for him being hosted.  Or for Powells cowardly not advertising his visit on their outdoor sign which labels all guests, or on their website until the day before.

Powells books, which has been a staple of the Portland community has a responsibility to this community not to host vile hateful people who spread bigotry and ignorance, even as a “joke”.

I know that most of my readers are not citizens of Portland Oregon, but many do travel here, and many order books online from places like  Please make sure you are not ordering from their online stores.

This girlcott is in effect until Powells publicly apologizes for their profiting off of rape culture and disrespect for the women in their community.

Contact Powell’s customer service:

Toll Free: 800-878-7323, Press 3
In Oregon: 503-228-4651 ext 5482

I see through it…. (via Truthvscompliance’s Blog)

I am reblogging this post because I think people in the greater community should know what we’re going through on youtube. If you’re unaware I have a youtube channel where the majority of my internet thinking is done.
I decided to start blogging because I wanted a respite from the hateful people on youtube, mainly typified by the person being written about in this blog. She has zero boundaries and lies in every video she does.

The war on porn is raging I guess and the battle is getting ugly, the more and more women are coming forward and speaking the truth about our reality the greater the backlash gets.

I’m really pissed off. You know – these “sex positives” on youtube are really hitting a nerve with me right now. One of them has drama with ONE other youtuber (that’s a rad fem) and she’s accusing all radical feminists of trying to run pro sex traders off of youtube, which is fucking bullshit. They also accuse us of hating sex workers – but I suspect that is a projection. THEY hate all sex workers that express the negative experiences they’ve had … Read More

via Truthvscompliance’s Blog

Misogynistic Language – Its only bad when the radfems use it!

I was admonished this morning by an idiot sex poz feminist for calling another woman “bitch” on my youtube channel.  While yes, I agree, its not proper to call women bitches I’m more just angered about the hypocrisy of it all.

Misogynistic language is prevalently used to refer to radfems on youtube by sex poz feminists.  The users divinity33372 and feministwhore spring to mind immediately as examples of so called feminists degrading and abusing other women, whilst calling them traditionally misogynistic words.

But what of the pornography they so willingly support?  You know, that vile shit with tons of examples of women being called misogynistic slurs and choked, slapped, punched, gagged, etc.  All I hear is silence.  What of all the misogynistic men they so willingly support in their struggle against those mean bad rad fems?  You know, the ones who will photoshop a woman’s face who has spoken openly about being a rape survivor’s image onto the head of a porn actress who is being violently penetrated.  They’re fine with that, they’re fine with men calling women all kinds of horrible things and degrading them.  I guess if a penis is entering some orifice it suddenly stops being misogynistic and immediately becomes “progressive” (whatever the hell that means).

Its called a double standard, if someone “agrees” with their bullshit opinions then its a green light on dropping the b-word.  If someone disagrees with them then its BAD.  But remember :  double standards for behavior is what fun feminism is all about!


To the asshole who found my blog by searching for ‘rape porn’…

I hope I killed your fucking boner.

Some “Sex Workers” Aren’t Just That… (via Femanon)

I’m not surprised. Its been my experience that the majority of “sex worker rights activists” are really small time capitalists who make their money off of sexually exploiting others.

So, someone got to my blog recently by searching for "terri bradford" + prostitute.  If I see a search term where I don't understand how the hell someone could get to my blog by googling something, I google it myself to see what's up.  (Unless they're looking for porn-then I'm happy and sad at the same time.) I had no idea why that search combination would lead someone here.  So, as per my usual habit explained above, I copy and pasted what they … Read More

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Choosy Chicks Choose Jizz redux

All emphasis that takes feminist arguments against sexual exploitation, sexual violence and abuse from an analysis of OPPRESSION to an analysis of liberty of choice denies the basic reality of women’s lives and stands in opposition to REAL choices for women.

Never for a second have I believed that feminism as a political ideology is about individual choice.  If it were such an ideology I would not associate myself with it.  Women have not marched, protested, been attacked, been imprisoned, starved themselves, beat pans in the street, screamed, ran away with their children from danger to exercise the CHOICE to participate in that which they were fighting against.

Feminism is about tearing down the walls that keep women trapped, stripping the illusions that keep women ignorant, and putting women in EQUAL political, social, sexual, economic and cultural power with men.