On Bigotry

How is bigotry justified?

Through objectification.

How do learn to objectify other humans?

By learning as children through gender socialization that women are the other.

Why do feminists concern themselves with pornography?

Because it perpetuates objectification into the minds of adults as natural, inherent, and sexy.

Being referred to as an “anti porn bigot” by a supposed “left wing” dude has brought a lot into my mind about  just how deep that socialization goes.  You can’t build a society free from oppression off of the backs of women, who represent the first division of labor and of objectification.  I am not a bigot for understanding the immense history of human development and how this patriarchal civilization was won off of the exploitation of female labor.  YOU who hold tight to your libertarian/capitalist views of de-contextualized individual choices represent all the reactionaries of this world hold dear.


12 responses to “On Bigotry

  1. I have non-sexual respect for you

  2. Another one they come up with a lot is ‘ideology.’ A survivor writes about her rapes, and when she dares to apply analysis to her experience, she is dismissed as ‘ideological.’

    Do they know what ‘ideological’ means? They need to get a dictionary, and a clue.

  3. “Anti porn bigot?” Was he making a bad joke? How can you be an anti porn “bigot?” Porn is not living and breathing or walking around, and does not have some kind of compromised quality of life that can be considered humane…b/c of your view. Maybe dude was drunk.

  4. I’m soooo tempted to sign into this thread as ‘Porn’ and say ‘hey, stop discriminating against me you bigots!’ 😀

  5. @nuclearnight, @Laurelin….Lololol.

  6. If you strongly believe that pornography is inherently harmful to women, I can understand why you would have negative attitudes towards individuals who absolutely deny and reject that pornography has psychological or societal harm. I am sure these people also have equally negative feelings towards you, which would make them, according to their argument, bigots as well.

    Libertarians do tend to excessively highlight the micro context of the individual, while ignoring the environment, even though the are inseparable. Individuals have an influence on others and society, and society has an influence on individuals.

  7. All their talk about free-speech, but if someone disagrees with them, well it’s cos they’re an anti-free-speech bigot (esp. funny to non-Americans)

  8. Amazing isn’t it? ‘Shut up! Shut up! Shut the fuck up, bitch! You’re threatening my freedom of speech! Hey – I said shut up!’

    I guess I’m just unAmerican 😛

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