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On Bigotry

How is bigotry justified?

Through objectification.

How do learn to objectify other humans?

By learning as children through gender socialization that women are the other.

Why do feminists concern themselves with pornography?

Because it perpetuates objectification into the minds of adults as natural, inherent, and sexy.

Being referred to as an “anti porn bigot” by a supposed “left wing” dude has brought a lot into my mind about  just how deep that socialization goes.  You can’t build a society free from oppression off of the backs of women, who represent the first division of labor and of objectification.  I am not a bigot for understanding the immense history of human development and how this patriarchal civilization was won off of the exploitation of female labor.  YOU who hold tight to your libertarian/capitalist views of de-contextualized individual choices represent all the reactionaries of this world hold dear.


Advice for Adversaries

As much as I detest the crap I’ve had flung at me from the “sex worker activists” on the internet, I have to say I’m disappointed in how much they hurt themselves.  Lets be clear here : No one in terms of feminist discussions on prostitution want to see prostitutes abused, exploited, imprisoned, murdered or without basic human rights.  The issue to feminists is that there are too many people in this world (even one is too many) engaged in prostitution that don’t want to be.  The majority of prostitutes are women and the majority of johns are men.  Men are the dominant sex in society and women are an oppressed underclass.  Women’s sexual labor and reproductive labor have been stolen from them by men for thousands of years, and prostitution is one of the ways it has been stolen from them.  We don’t think that it is possible to remove sexism and opppression from something that has its roots in the subordination of women to men.

So how do the sex worker activists and “sex positive” feminists hurt their own cause?

1) Assume that all those who oppose the idea of sex work are hostile and unsympathetic to what you have to go through.  Deny their personal life experience and very real concern for the safety and protection of those involved in the sex trade.

2) Talk about rights in the present tense, and not the future.  If you are a prostitute and a blogger online its probably the case that you are doing something illegal.  You do not have the “right” to break the law.

3) Do not force “dialogue”.  Some of us have personal trauma related to prostitution and resent hearing people talk about it in ways that portray it as something empowering for CERTAIN women.  We also resent the comments that people who can’t hack it shouldn’t become prostitutes.  People become prostitutes because they lack other options generally, probably even you.  Its not anyone’s place to judge whether or not someone should or should not be involved in this industry when thats the case for a good deal of the people in it.

4) Do not sexually degrade those people who aren’t down with prostitution, it just makes you look insecure.

5) Do not forge alliances with men who throw around misogynistic slurs on a consistent basis and show open contempt for women in general.  This is particularly odd when it comes from those “sex worker activists” who are supposedly “feminists”.

6) Not everything is about YOU.  When Feminists share information about people harmed in prostitution don’t ATTACK THEM for it.  You should be the first ones to support them for standing against violence against prostitutes.  Is your cause to harass feminists or win rights for sex workers?

7) Become distracted by attacking and harassing a few people online who merely feel that prostitution should never be something that anyone has to do, that its undignified and inherently oppressive when its NOT feminists who are out there murdering prostitutes, raping prostitutes, creating prostitutes, or stigmatizing them.

Many of us were THERE once.


Each time discomfort gnaws at your innards when confronted with your own powerlessness, resist.

As a survivor  one of the biggest problems I’ve had to deal with is containing all of the abuse inside of myself.

This has meant that those who have wronged me get to live comfortably while I carry all the weight of what has been done within myself.  This has meant that I suffer and they suffer nothing, they sleep like kittens at night knowing that anything they had done couldn’t have been too bad because well, I let them live without disruption.

Do not be like I have been, and continue to be to a very large degree.

When something is wrong, speak out.

Its the tiniest protestations that amount to a sea of swollen consciousness.