Altering Feminist Definition

After watching and disagreeing with a video yesterday by the youtube feminist boundlesseyes.  I wanted to expand upon why I do think some level of division and labelling in terms of the word feminist is important.

Not because I’m a feminist and you’re not, reader.  But because the understanding of the term is subjective and vague.  When you have openly misogynistic women use the term to define themselves.  (Such as “feminists” on youtube who argue that the wage gap exists fairly, because women don’t work as hard as men and that women with children should not work outside of the home) When you have ifeminism being promoted by MRAs, the time has come to rethink or definitions.

I’ve always heard from the liberal feminists that feminism is about equality.  Yes, thats part of it.  But its a focused fight for equality that sets feminism apart from other forms of belief systems centered around equality.  It focuses on gender and yes, mainly women.

But to call oneself a feminist means more than just, believing in gender equality, it requires being an activist for it.  Being an activist for the liberation of women from sexist oppression is what it requires.

I will draw a line in the sand.  This isn’t even a divide between the fun femmes and the rad femmes, this is a divide between people who give a fuck and actually think about what they label themselves and people who adopt a label without even thinking about the implications of what it means.

Lenin himself said that complete left unity isn’t necessary.  When it comes that one is watering down politics that get to the heart of a specific matter, muddying things, making them exist on a foundation of quicksand.  That harms our movement more than infighting ever could.

We need to unite on what makes us strong, a rejection of bourgeois, reformist feminism that sells working women out every chance it gets.  A rejection of feminism that exists only to empower white women in their “choices” as consumers.  A rejection of feminism that pits women in the first world against women the world over.

What is the point of being liberated women?  To join the men’s clubhouse, or to burn it down?


3 responses to “Altering Feminist Definition

  1. Wow! That was fantastic. You really have a firm hold and understanding of what your beliefs are and I really respect that. I’m somewhat new to feminism, but I find some of my innate fight in the world aligns with the beliefs I’ve read and heard. However, there are some expressions of feminism that confuse me, that I cannot readily stand behind, and it will come as a surprise at times because I am not terribly educated regarding the spectrum of definitions. However, what I like about your blogs and vlogs is that I always learn something and your activism never makes me wince. You seem to stand for dignified living and fair opportunity for women which “is,” very out of balance in the world, then there are class differences, social cultural economic divides that affect women here and abroad, so I am glad there is an acknowledgement of that in your writing/speaking. Out of curiosity, what is your main activist pursuit or focus right now? Like to hear about that here or on YT sometime–if you want to share it.

    • I guess right now I’m most active (meaning on a daily basis) in understanding and educating about pornography and the sex industry and developing what my fight is going to be on this. I took the pink pill and now I’ve been thrown into something that I know I can’t get out of. GOOD.

      There’s also been a rise is neo nazis in my area, this has resulted in gay bashing and targeting of people coming out of gay clubs. I’ve been part of organizing meetings against this. Also working to defend the abortion clinics that have been targeted by pro lifers.

      • T,

        I’m so glad you’re involved in helping to protect and respond to neo nazi action in your area. It’s on a rise everywhere unfortunately. You and I could have a real conversation about this, I’ve been following the progression of this movement for four years now (started with a piece I am concluding). There are some organizations that can aid in mobilizing the response of agencies in your area I’ve had to contact so if there is any way I can help, don’t hesitate to ask. Busy schedule or not, this is a fight I pause for.

        Glad you’re working to defend the abortion clinics as well, we’re lucky we see your face on YT. But the same goes for this and please update us on the progress and issues as you meet if you care to. You might attract another activist for whom this is the number 1 fight.

        And regarding pornography and the sex industry…what are some goals you would like to meet next? I’m wondering if I can help? As long as you don’t have me standing in front of a camera trying to speak too (which I ain’t gonna do), I can assist. You know my deal with cameras, I don’t do in front of em….

        But I’m glad you took the pink pill! Better you…than alot of other people!

        Thanks for sharing your aims T. Really appreciate your trust.

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