Whats really best for workers?

I went to see a documentary about the radical environmentalist Judi Bari  Wednesday night.  It was mostly focused around her legal case (which she won after her death).  But what fascinated me about it was the way she connected people.

I’ve been digging a lot lately into analyzing the sex industry and what I’ve found is disturbing of course, but I think there’s a lot of similarities between analyzing this and many other industries which are harmful.  It comes down to how we look at human beings essentially.

Judi Bari was able to get so much done because she herself was a unionist, a carpenter as well as an environmentalist with the Earth First! organization.  She could speak and connect the people who work as loggers to environmentalists when they were previously seen as being on the opposite side of an equation.

It comes down to what the vlogger rubbleofempires taught me years ago in his prostitution & feminism series.  Whats best for loggers?

When people uncritically analyze industries they think of it sometimes in terms of how more business, more legality and more acceptance of the practice will be good for the workers because they will make more money and get more work basically.
This especially applies to the “stigma” that sex workers on youtube talk about quite a bit.

But what this perception ignores is the fact that a person is always first and foremost a human being.  The jobs we do are not who we are.  So whats best for loggers is of course, to have access to many trees to cut down, but whats best for HUMAN BEINGS is to live in a healthy, sustainable environment.

As the same problem exists with prostitution.  Yes, having access to many johns is great for prostitutes to make the money they need to make, but whats best for human beings is to not have sex with strangers on a daily basis for money.

That is the main problem with how capitalism perverts our mindsets.  We begin to view ourselves as merely what we do, instead of remembering who we are.   What we are.

We are fragile, we are not invincible and of course, the way our labor system is run shows that we are in fact not machines.  We cannot warp ourselves to truly fit with how we do business.


4 responses to “Whats really best for workers?

  1. You might be onto something, people are people first.

    • I keep thinking of so many jobs I want to see eliminated in the future. Am I against soldiers? Coal miners? Loggers? Tar Sands workers? Pipeline workers? Or am I against something that is harmful to all of us?

  2. It is extremely difficult for people to think outside of capitalism. They are held hostage by the ruling classes and are forced to think only in terms of survival within capitalism, never questioning weather or not they should have to do something harmful to themselves and others just to survive. Then on the other hand, saying that you’re against workers especially sex workers because you want to stop their oppression, is just a way for some people to hide their lack of compassion.

    A very thought provoking post.

  3. Hey bolshevikchick, I’m commenting on an old post just to be safe but I actually just wanted to say I also live in Portland and was curious if you knew of any feminist groups/events that I should be aware of (I’m kind of a massive introvert). If you can just not approve this comment and email me at the address in my whois info that’d be rad. Thanks! 🙂

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