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Praising Sheila Jeffreys

Sheila challenges me to think critically about why I make the choices I do.  She challenges me to think about WHY I feel compelled to engage in behaviors that I KNOW are constructs.

She fights endlessly for my rights and for a world where I will be the equal of any man.

Sheila is my sister and I love her.

Kowtowing vs Cooperating

dedgurlcingztheblooze has had a run of mental and creative energy running through her the past week.  She’s made many amazing blog entries that pose very interesting questions and if anyone reading this blog doesn’t read hers, please go there and check it out.

Her last post can be said to inspire this one, but I wouldn’t call it a response because I already practically typed a blog post in her comments…

When I think of kowtowing to dick I think of perhaps your typical sexpos feminist who aligns themselves more often with chauvinist men than other feminists because of perhaps their own unchallenged misogyny.  For example I think of a particular video on youtube which many sex pos feminists favorited which showed my face photoshopped onto a woman’s body being violently fucked doggy-style by a bald black man.  I’ve spoken somewhat openly about being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and I’ve alluded to having been raped as an adult but that isn’t enough for these women to in their crusade against me, support men attacking me in the most misogynistic of ways.  They are kowtowing to dick because thats what their sex positivism causes them to do.  They have to inevitably stand in some way against the survivors of male sexual violence because they support the type of sexuality which it is based on.

That is a sexuality where men are on top and women are there for one thing only, to have our identities completely consumed by men in the act of coitus.

Kowtowing to dick means that as a woman, you’re maintaining a man’s ego at the expense of other women.  That you’re validating his misogyny, his sexism, his bullying and blindness of his own privilege.  You’re not educating him, you’re enabling him.

What I put forward is cooperating with men.  Many men are our allies as feminists and those are the men who when challenged about their own socialization, their own privilege do not attack and bully and dismiss and gaslight the feminist(s) who they have a disagreement with.
Its a mans world but not all of them have it that easy.  Race, nationality, sexuality and economic class all play their part in keeping men down.  Many men are our allies and winning them over to supporting the feminist movement, and thereby their own liberation from masculinity is a necessity if we’re ever to move on to the important task of tearing this shit down.

Altering Feminist Definition

After watching and disagreeing with a video yesterday by the youtube feminist boundlesseyes.  I wanted to expand upon why I do think some level of division and labelling in terms of the word feminist is important.

Not because I’m a feminist and you’re not, reader.  But because the understanding of the term is subjective and vague.  When you have openly misogynistic women use the term to define themselves.  (Such as “feminists” on youtube who argue that the wage gap exists fairly, because women don’t work as hard as men and that women with children should not work outside of the home) When you have ifeminism being promoted by MRAs, the time has come to rethink or definitions.

I’ve always heard from the liberal feminists that feminism is about equality.  Yes, thats part of it.  But its a focused fight for equality that sets feminism apart from other forms of belief systems centered around equality.  It focuses on gender and yes, mainly women.

But to call oneself a feminist means more than just, believing in gender equality, it requires being an activist for it.  Being an activist for the liberation of women from sexist oppression is what it requires.

I will draw a line in the sand.  This isn’t even a divide between the fun femmes and the rad femmes, this is a divide between people who give a fuck and actually think about what they label themselves and people who adopt a label without even thinking about the implications of what it means.

Lenin himself said that complete left unity isn’t necessary.  When it comes that one is watering down politics that get to the heart of a specific matter, muddying things, making them exist on a foundation of quicksand.  That harms our movement more than infighting ever could.

We need to unite on what makes us strong, a rejection of bourgeois, reformist feminism that sells working women out every chance it gets.  A rejection of feminism that exists only to empower white women in their “choices” as consumers.  A rejection of feminism that pits women in the first world against women the world over.

What is the point of being liberated women?  To join the men’s clubhouse, or to burn it down?

Whats really best for workers?

I went to see a documentary about the radical environmentalist Judi Bari  Wednesday night.  It was mostly focused around her legal case (which she won after her death).  But what fascinated me about it was the way she connected people.

I’ve been digging a lot lately into analyzing the sex industry and what I’ve found is disturbing of course, but I think there’s a lot of similarities between analyzing this and many other industries which are harmful.  It comes down to how we look at human beings essentially.

Judi Bari was able to get so much done because she herself was a unionist, a carpenter as well as an environmentalist with the Earth First! organization.  She could speak and connect the people who work as loggers to environmentalists when they were previously seen as being on the opposite side of an equation.

It comes down to what the vlogger rubbleofempires taught me years ago in his prostitution & feminism series.  Whats best for loggers?

When people uncritically analyze industries they think of it sometimes in terms of how more business, more legality and more acceptance of the practice will be good for the workers because they will make more money and get more work basically.
This especially applies to the “stigma” that sex workers on youtube talk about quite a bit.

But what this perception ignores is the fact that a person is always first and foremost a human being.  The jobs we do are not who we are.  So whats best for loggers is of course, to have access to many trees to cut down, but whats best for HUMAN BEINGS is to live in a healthy, sustainable environment.

As the same problem exists with prostitution.  Yes, having access to many johns is great for prostitutes to make the money they need to make, but whats best for human beings is to not have sex with strangers on a daily basis for money.

That is the main problem with how capitalism perverts our mindsets.  We begin to view ourselves as merely what we do, instead of remembering who we are.   What we are.

We are fragile, we are not invincible and of course, the way our labor system is run shows that we are in fact not machines.  We cannot warp ourselves to truly fit with how we do business.

killing of a flash girl – what happened

Hello everyone.  I had a bad night last night that resulted in me (very stupidly) deleting my new youtube account.  I think its best that I stop using youtube for awhile, at least until I can get the nuclearnight channel back up and running properly.  The stress of how intense things have gotten lately and the feelings of personal violation that resulted from my accounts being hacked haven’t really been resolved.  I need safer spaces to operate in right now while I try to recover my bearings.

I still desire to be creative and challenging to my fellow feminists and friends who I’ve met online.  I hope no one feels shitty that they supported me when I was hacked only to find that I deleted my account.  I wish I hadn’t now that I think about it but when I get like I do sometimes what seems like complete rationality doesn’t compute logically the next day.

I was fighting with my boyfriend as well and that just sent me over the edge.

I’m “okay” right now.  I’m not terribly depressed or anything, its just a general feeling of invasion and complete disregard that I’m going through.  I really appreciate all of you who I interact with and think of you as dear friends.